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Use GiveWP and ActiveCampaign together to build stronger donor relations and stay connected long after your supporters donate.

Why ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a powerful email marketing, automation, and customer relationship management system (CRM). It helps improve your fundraising campaigns through enriched donor relationships.

The power of ActiveCampaign is in its lists, tags, and automations. Both allow you to segment (or group) your contacts so you can better understand who your donors are and how they are giving. Using tags with lists allows you to create even more refined segments that can then feed into ActiveCampaign’s powerful automation engine. For nonprofit marketers working alone or with a small team, automation is the key to keeping up with donors.

How ActiveCampaign + GiveWP Works

The official GiveWP add-on integrates ActiveCampaign with your donation forms without any coding or development needed. It allows you to gain absolute control over the lists and tags that your donors are opted into when they join your newsletter.

Customize Your Donation Form Opt-In

Create a seamless newsletter opt-in experience for your donors by giving them the option when they give. The ActiveCampaign add-on allows you to customize the text prompting your donors to opt in to suit your unique needs.

Set the Opt-in to Checked or Unchecked

Some states and countries have strict regulations on whether you can automatically select an opt-in checkbox. The GiveWP ActiveCampaign add-on allows you to set the opt-in checkbox to be selected by default or left unchecked.

In The Admin Panel Activecampaign Settings For Givewp, You Can Choose To Make The Opt-In Box Selected Or Deselected By Default.

Choose From All Your Email Lists

Set a default email list from your Active Campaign account to use for all forms. If you need to segment your donor contacts by donation type or amount, you can change this option on each form as well.

Choose Which Email Lists You Want To Subscribe Your Donors To.

Add Tags to Contacts Based on Donation Forms

Gain even more control over how you contact your donors with tags added through each donation form. Tags help you figure out which donation forms bring in donors that stick around and engage with your cause.

Choose Which Tags You Want To Tag Donors With For All Your Donation Forms Or Per Form.

All ActiveCampaign Add-on Features:

  • Subscribe to one or many tags and lists globally or customize per donation form.
  • Customize all displayed opt-in text.
  • Modern opt-in look and donor experience encouraging opt-ins.
  • A useful email tag for admins and donors to indicate opt-in status of a donor.
  • Database record indicating the donor’s opt-in status on the donation details screen.
  • Full documentation and access to our Priority Support and Customer Success teams.
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