Advanced WooCommerce Product Reviews Plugin with Rich Snippets

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Allow your Customers to Rate your Product with WooCommerce Review Plugin & Build Customer’s Trust!

Building customers’ trust in your product is the most significant aspect of a successful Shopify store. You can install WooCommerce review plugin on your store, where your customers can rate and review your products. You can encourage them to share their reviews with a simple comment-like option.

They can upload files with the reviews to explain their stance better. You can reply to all the reviews and manage them for better readability & avoid spam.

WooCommerce product reviews plugin allows you to configure settings where you can customize the customer’s reviews block. Furthermore, this plugin has many other cool features to offer that can give more exposure to your business or brand.

  • Allow customers to rate and review products
  • Rich snippets to display reviews & ratting in Google results
  • Facilitate customers to submit files with reviews
  • Post a reply to customer reviews
  • Edit, approve or delete customer reviews
  • Customize review block
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Rich Snippet Plugin

New Features

  • Option to submit review or ask a question
  • Displays reviews in a separate section
  • Allow customers to attach videos with review
  • Customers can watch any review to get notification when new reply added
  • Disable Replies on Reviews
  • Filter reviews by “Most Recent” or “Most Useful”
  • Import or Export Product Reviews
  • Auto sends review reminder emails with coupon codes
  • Auto or manually highlights the worthy reviews
  • Customers can ask a questions about products
  • Separate section for product questions
  • Hide reviews automatically if they are reported as inappropriate
  • Choose whether users can add one or more reviews
  • Choose users that can reply to a review (none, all, administrators only)
  • Set how many reviews to show per page

Auto Sends Reviews Reminder Emails with Coupon Codes

It automatically sends review reminder emails to customers who did not review your product after buying. You can create various email templates and configure the sending time. You can also attach the coupon code with emails to attract customers.


Displays Product Rating Breakdown & Progress Bar

With the WooCommerce product rating plugin, you can attract more customers by appealingly displaying product ratings. With a rating breakdown, they can view the number of people who rated the product as 3, 4, or 5. Whereas, the progress bar is the number of ratings submitted by customers.


Reviews and Ratings Appear in Google Rich Snippets

WooCommerce customer reviews plugin automatically displays the product rating and testimonials in rich snippets. It increases the click-through rate of your product pages which ultimately helps in increasing the traffic to serve and convert.


Auto or Manually Highlights the Worthy Reviews

WooCommerce rating plugin auto highlights the highest rated reviews. Admin can also highlight any review manually from the back office.


Filter Reviews by “Most Recent” or “Most Useful”

WooCommerce advanced reviews plugin also enables a filter for product reviews. Users can filter the reviews by “Most Recent” or “Most Useful”.


Manage Customer Reviews in Separate Section

You can exercise all your rights to edit, approve, or unapprove a comment submitted as a review-by-customer in a separate section. Edit a testimonial for better display and readability, or delete it if it seems to be inappropriate or a spam comment.


Import and Export Product Reviews

You can import and export the product reviews with complete details in a CSV file.


Option to Submit Review or Ask a Question

Customers can choose to submit a review for products, or they can also ask a question about products.


Enable Customers’ Ratings and Reviews for Products

WooCommerce product reviews plugin helps you to attract more customers by enabling your existing ones to rate the products that are represented by 5 stars and review your products as well. With a comment-like review submission, customers can speedily post their experience about a product or service they consume. They can write a title and brief description of the review.


Customers can Attach Image With a Review

WooCommerce reviews plugin empowers your customers to submit files while writing a review so that you can better understand their experience, opinion, and suggestions. You can also restrict the submission of files to specific formats like JPG, GIF, DOCX, and PDF.


Allow customers to Attach Videos with Review

Customers can also attach the videos using the URL with their reviews. You can also remove the video link from the back office.


Admin Can Reply the Customers’ Reviews

With a reply feature, you can acknowledge your valuable customers who have spared time out of their busy schedules in reviewing the product. Write a reply to appreciate customers and let them know that their kind words matter a lot.


Users can Reply Further to Your Comments

This plugin allows registered users to reply to the comments you posted in response to their reviews. It helps them continue a productive discussion that can be appreciated or suggestions for improvement in the products.

Customers can Vote Up/Down and Flag Your Comments

Customers and the users of your websites can upvote, downvote, or flag your comments as inappropriate. The users get an opportunity to vote for or against a comment to document their opinion.


Disable Replies/Comments on Reviews

You can also disable the replies for any review from the back office.


Users can Watch the Review to Get Email Notifications!

Registered users can click the “Watch” button to get email notifications for any review when a reply is added to it.


Customers can Ask a Questions about Products

It also enables the “Ask a QUESTION” which helps users to submit the questions they want to ask about products.


Separate Section for Product Questions

WooCommerce product rating plugin displays all the questions in a separate tab for easy management. You can reply to questions directly from the front.


Personalize Reviews Block for Better Usability

You can write custom titles to personalize the customer reviews block that shows average rating, rating-breakdown, and represent reviews with stars.


Additional Features of WooCommerce Review Plugin

  • Rating and Reviews appear beneath the title of the product page
  • Enable review title to let the customers write a review title as well
  • Enable Auto-approve or disapprove reviews
  • Allow specific file extensions for users to upload


1. Can customers attach images or videos to their product reviews using this plugin?

Ans. WooCommerce review plugin allows customers to enhance their reviews by attaching images or videos.

2. Is it possible to showcase reviews in a stylish and engaging way on product pages?

Ans. Yes, WooCommerce product reviews offers review display tabs, allowing you to showcase reviews in a visually appealing manner on product pages.

3. Can I integrate the plugin seamlessly with my existing WooCommerce theme?

Ans. Absolutely, the WooCommerce product reviews plugin is designed to seamlessly integrate with most WooCommerce themes.

4. Does the plugin provide options for encouraging customers to leave reviews?

Ans. Yes, WooCommerce review plugin includes features to encourage customers to leave reviews through incentives, and reminders.

Change Log

Version 1.2.2 Updated:
1. Compatible with HPOS
2. Compatible with multisite
Version 1.2.1:
1. Email Issue resolved. Email functionality is now working
2. Questions are now product specific.
Version 1.2.0:
New Features:
Following new features has been added.

1. Allow customers to attach videos using URL
2. Customers can choose to submit review or ask question
3. Customers can “watch” any thread to get notified of replies to the contribution
4. Choose whether users can add one or more reviews
5. Hide reviews automatically if they are reported as inappropriate more than a pre-set number of times
6. Disable replies on a single review only
7. Choose users that can reply to a review (none, all, administrators only)
8. Filter reviews by “most recent” or “most useful
9. Import Export product reviews
10. Review reminder emails after X days, multiple emails with option customize emails and send coupon codes as reward if they leave a review - all automatic
11. Set how many reviews to show per page
12. give the spotlight to the worthy reviews
13. enable review editing
14. Seperate Section to Display All Reviews
Version 1.1.0:
Some JS error fixed.
Version 1.0.0:

1) Initial release of plugin.

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