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All-in-One CRM Solution

Supercharge your sales, marketing, and services with Agile CRM. From email marketing to product management, Agile CRM can support your business across the board.

Seamless Integration

With the Gravity Forms Agile CRM Add-On, you can automatically send new form data directly to your Agile dashboard where you can manage, track, and segment your contacts.

Create and Update Contacts

When a form is submitted, new contacts are created or existing contacts updated in your Agile CRM with the most recent information. You can map form fields to your Agile CRM account to ensure all the information you need is transferred, as well as add tags to give you further insight into your new leads, enabling you to send targeted emails and have personalized conversations.

Create Tasks

Automatically create a task in Agile when a form is submitted and associate that task with the contact that is created. You can define the subject and status for each task, add a description, set due dates, and much more, easily streamlining your workflows.

Implement Conditional Logic

Use Gravity Forms’ built-in conditional logic to only integrate with Agile CRM when you want to! Set conditions on form submissions, only creating new contacts and tasks if the conditions are met, giving you control over the data added to your Agile CRM.

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