AiWriterPro – Powerful Ai Content Generator and Writing Assistant with SAAS

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AiWriterPro is a very powerful Ai (artificial intelligence) content generator and writing assistant tool that is created with SAAS. You can generate a lot of various types of contents using this awesome tool. The front end is very clean, attractive and fast working. In this system, users can easily open an account here, purchase a package and just easily access to the available tools under that package.

In this system, admin will learn money from the users for using the tool. The task of admin is also very little. Just admin can get his own API from the OpenAi website and put it in the admin panel section.

This CMS is developed using the procedural PHP. So, it can easily be customized by other programmers. Developers will be able to understand the source code easily and can modify the database and files if needed. Also, this app is super fast.

The source code of this script is very easy and clean. The interface is user-friendly. Non-technical users can modify every contents, photos etc.


This script has some awesome features. We are giving those below:

  1. PHP 8.2 Supports
  2. AI Contenet Generate option with document saving feature
  3. AI Image Generate using Dall-e with image saving feature
  4. Easy and simple interface
  5. Fully responsive
  6. Clean codes
  7. Easiest Installation in web or local server
  8. Data statistics in dashboard
  9. User Registration with email verification
  10. User account forget password option
  11. Unlimited package creation by admin
  12. Free/trial and Pro both package creation system
  13. Setup Word Limit from the admin panel for each package
  14. Add, edit, delete FAQ section item
  15. Add, edit, delete testimonial section item
  16. Add, edit, delete blog post section item
  17. Add, edit, delete feature section item
  18. Manage payment setting (PayPal, Stripe, Bank) by admin
  19. Purchase packages using PayPal, Stripe, Bank by user
  20. Secured against SQL
  21. Secured against XSS
  22. Secured against CSRF
  23. SMTP Email System Setup
  24. LTR or RTL layout selection option
  25. Complete language translation option
  26. Show or hide home page items
  27. Theme color change option
  28. Order history by admin
  29. Documents showing option by admin and user
  30. Document saving system after content generate in user panel


  • PHP version: 8.0 or higher
  • PDO Extension
  • GD Library
  • cURL
  • allow_url_fopen
  • Mbstring


Front End:
Admin Panel: admin/
Admin Panel Login: | 1234
User Panel: login
User Panel Login: | 1234


Version: 1.2

- Fixed the free enroll package minor bug

Version: 1.1

- Added Dall-e image generate option
- Added new language in image document generate option

Version: 1.0

Initial Release.

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