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Ajax Duplicate Alert
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Keep your database clean and free from duplicate entries

The Ajax Duplicate Alert add-on checks several different fields of new listings in real-time against those already in the database. If it finds a match, it will warn the user that they are about to add a duplicate and save the day. 

Forget about having to weed out duplicate listings with our easy to use solution. With just a few clicks, this add-on will show a warning notice to users when any of the enabled settings show a match with a current entry.

Ajax Duplicate Alert fields

Enabled or disabled any of the following fields to customize the checking process.  

  • Post Title
  • Address
  • Zip/Post Code
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Additionally, each field’s error message can be customized individually or will fall back to a general warning message. 

Ajax Duplicate Alert Settings

Custom Post Type add-on support

With our Custom Post Type add-on, each post type can set its settings and error messages, giving finite control over each post type on your website.

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