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Ajax Multi Upload FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Ajax Multi Upload

What is Ajax Multi Upload?

Ajax Multi Upload is a technology that allows users to upload multiple files to a server without having to refresh the page. It uses Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) to send the files to the server in the background, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.

How does Ajax Multi Upload work?

When a user selects multiple files for upload, Ajax Multi Upload uses JavaScript to send the files to the server one by one, without causing the page to reload. This allows the user to continue interacting with the page while the files are being uploaded in the background.

What are the advantages of using Ajax Multi Upload?

Using Ajax Multi Upload can improve the user experience by allowing for seamless and efficient file uploads. It also reduces the need for page refreshes, which can enhance the overall performance and interactivity of the web application.

Are there any limitations to using Ajax Multi Upload?

One potential limitation of Ajax Multi Upload is that it may not be supported by all web browsers, particularly older versions. Additionally, the performance of file uploads using Ajax Multi Upload may be affected by the user’s internet connection speed and the server’s capacity to handle multiple file uploads simultaneously.

How can I implement Ajax Multi Upload on my website?

To implement Ajax Multi Upload on your website, you can use existing JavaScript libraries or frameworks that provide this functionality, such as Dropzone.js or Fine Uploader. These tools typically come with documentation and examples to help you integrate Ajax Multi Upload into your web application.


AJAX MULTI UPLOAD - 4Latest Version: 16.12.2020 – v2.1. Check the changelog

Ajax Multi Upload is a jQuery plugin that allows multiple or single file uploads on your website.
Implementation requires only four quick steps:

  1. upload required files to the server,
  2. attach them to the website,
  3. create upload folder on the server,
  4. place uploader on the website.



  • Upload Single Or Multiple Files At Once,
  • Specify The File Type Filter,
  • Specify After-Upload Action,
  • Custom Browse And Upload Buttons,
  • File Size Limit For Uploading,
  • Compatible With Mobile Devices,
  • And More…

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16.12.2020 – v2.1

  • jQuery update to version 3.5.1.
  • Security improvements.

26.11.2020 – v2.0

  • Compatibility with mobile devices added (flash is no longer required).

23.09.2010 – v1.1

  • Minor fixes.

14.07.2010 – v1.0

  • First release.

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