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Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin

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The WordPress Appointment plugin helps to manage online bookings & appointments for owners of service-based businesses.The booking tool suits needs of both business websites and individual solopreneurs websites engaged in:

  • Healthcare (any kind of doctor’s appointments)
  • Beauty (beauty studios or beauty clinics)
  • Sports (individual workouts, fitness workouts in groups, etc)
  • Education (individual online tutoring or masterclass, offline group classes, etc)
  • …and more industries.

MotoPress WordPress Appointments Plugin: Overview

The Appointment WP plugin facilitates the procedure of service client booking, whether it’s one or multiple persons & locations. Set about running and managing reservations using a transparent online booking form and a one-page booking Wizard for clients. The plugin’s price vs quality ratio created a great bargain as for a premium appointment plugin WordPress can offer.

Multiple Employees & Schedules & Locations

With the appointment booking WordPress plugin, you can manage the entire database of your staff members. You will be able to individually customize the profile details of each employee, namely photo, description, and skills. On top of that, you can assign individual lunchtimes & breaks as well as days-of & vacations.

Overall, the appointments plugin lets you do the following:

  • assign individual services to different staff members;
  • set individual pricing for the same type of service;
  • assign multiple services & locations to the one employee;
  • add numerous categorized locations;
  • offer different services depending on a location / individual shop.

Support of Multiple Services

What features characterize the best appointment scheduling plugin for WordPress? One of those is definitely the ability to add flexible time slots for numerous services. The MotoPress tool lets you make customized service durations with any time frames, e.g. 15 or 30 minutes. Besides, you may easily add buffer times as ‘extra timing’ before and after actual appointments. For group classes, sessions, and other types of appointments, you can make the time slot available for booking by multiple clients. Finally, our appointment booking plugin WordPress provides the ability to assign one-time and recurring services.

One-Page Booking Wizard for Clients

There are a few reasons why this can become your best WordPress appointment plugin, but here is a noteworthy one. Thanks to the one-page booking Wizard, clients are able to make bookings right away from your site while staying on the one page! The booking form is 100% responsive, so it allows everyone to make hassle-free reservations from any device.

Key Features of the Appointment WordPress Plugin

  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Time slot bookings for numerous services
  • Flexible individual schedules (breaks and holidays included)
  • Multi-location format of bookings
  • Personal profiles of each employee
  • Step-by-step booking Wizard
  • Convenient backend dashboard
  • Currency settings
  • Hourly appointment book
  • Default country of residence (to accelerate the booking procedure)
  • Easily-editable on the backend


= 1.2.0, Mar 29 2021 =

  • Added 15 new Appointment form shortcode parameters to help you customize the process of selecting a service: default values, the ability to rename form labels and edit texts, and the ability to remove unneeded form fields.
  • Added 12 new shortcodes: a list of employees, locations, services, and service categories; plus, 8 single-employee shortcodes that will help you build up a single employee page.
  • Added a dedicated page for customizing major shortcodes, where you can edit shortcode parameters of the Appointment form and lists and save them for further use.
  • Added 3 new blocks for an Employee: Contact Information, Social Networks and Additional Information.
  • Improved the view of the shortcodes list on the Help page. Added all the new shortcodes and their parameters.
  • Improved the Appointment Form shortcode: the Next button is always visible, while invalid inputs are highlighted once the button is clicked.

= 1.1.0, Dec 24 2020 =

  • Added the ability to set a Default appointment status (Confirmed or Pending) for newly created bookings.
  • Added the Shortcodes page with shortcodes and their descriptions.
  • Added the ability to send client and admin email notifications associated with bookings.

= 1.0.0, Nov 26 2020 =

  • Initial release.
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