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This is an application that uses Http Api url to send bulk sms and GSM Modem to send single SMS.The application basically has 2 modules for sending sms first one being for sending sms to 1 recipient and the second one for sending sending sms to multiple recipients.

At the first module,you plug in GSM modem with a sim card to any USB port and the system will automatically detect the ports on the runtime or when you run the application.This will allow you to select the port which you have plugged in your modem and connect the system to your modem through connection button at windows form.Once you have successfully established connection, sms sending window or tap page will automatically pop up which enhances you to enter the recipient’s number and send sms.You must ensure you have enought credit on your SIM card to send sms

At second module,you have to buy sms HTTP APi url from the service provider of your choice.Once you get the sms http api,You have to save this url to database through the sms settings window which will be used when sending sms at bulk sms form.On sending sms,your PC needs to be online because the system have to establish server connections to your sms http api url provider.This module enables you to send sms to multiple recipients simultaneously at the click of a button.

Buy the application and get full sourcecodes

System requirements:

Visual studio 2015
Microsoft SQL server 2008r2

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