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Seamless Integration

Using the Gravity Forms Campfire Add-On, you can instantly notify your company or team via Campfire when a form is submitted. Simply install the add-on, connect your Campfire account, and configure your form settings.

Customize the Messages

Easily customize the details that are included with the message that appears in Campfire.

Options include…

  • Campfire Room – Select the Campfire Room that you would like notifications to be broadcasted in.
  • Message – Modify the message with a mixture of static text and merge tags to best suit the purpose of the notification.
  • Highlight Message – Opt to highlight the message for better visibility in your group chat.

Implement Conditional Logic

The Campfire Add-On works with Gravity Forms’ built-in conditional logic functionality, enabling you to set conditions on form submissions, only creating new Campfire messages if the conditions are met.

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