Cargo Pro Courier System PHP-Script

Cargo Pro Courier System Php-Script

Cargo Pro Courier System PHP-Script – The fastest, easiest way to get packages to your customers.

Cargo Pro - Courier System - 1


Cargo Pro - Courier System - 2

Cargo Pro - Courier System - 3

Cargo Pro - Courier System - 4

Cargo Pro - Courier System - 5

Cargo Pro - Courier System - 6

Cargo Pro Overview:

It is a software designed for companies that handle packages to monitor the logistics of storage and cargo handling to their final destination and managing employees and drivers so you can track all of your company.

This system is the build on OctoberCMS which is based on Laravel, the advantage of this software is that it is a web system, allowing it to be accessed from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone possessing an Internet connection and a web service API’s ready (only for cargo mobile applications, until now we don’t have documentation for them) so it can be integrated directly to any ios or android mobile applications if you have programming knowledge.

The client has the ability to login and request or tracks his packages.


  • Live Notifications: with a tone, you, your clients, and your employees will never miss a notification without the need to refresh the page every time to check.
  • SMS Notifications: ready to be integrated with your account on Clickatell directly to send SMS for whatever you need.
  • Dynamic Workflow: in every step, you can choose which one will receive the notification and what he can do too
  • Multilingual System: you can add any language you need and have the ability to translate it directly from your dashboard
  • Multi-Currency: you can add any currency you need directly from your dashboard
  • Integrated Backup System: from your dashboard you have the ability to take a full backup, files backup, or database only backup.


  1. PHP 7.1
  2. Curl Library
  3. VPS ex. Vultr, Linode, AWS, GCP, DIGITAL OCEAN.

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