Cart to Quote for Woocommerce

Cart to Quote for Woocommerce

Cart to Quote for Woocommerce

Cart to Quote for Woocommerce is a useful feature that allows customers to request a quote for products in their cart instead of making an immediate purchase. This can be beneficial for businesses that deal with custom or bulk orders, as it gives them an opportunity to negotiate prices with customers.

How it works

When a customer adds products to their cart on a Woocommerce website, they have the option to request a quote instead of proceeding to checkout. This sends a request to the store owner, who can then review the products and provide a custom quote based on the customer’s requirements.


Cart to Quote for Woocommerce offers several benefits for both customers and store owners. For customers, it provides an opportunity to negotiate prices and request custom orders, which can lead to a more personalized shopping experience. For store owners, it allows them to engage with customers and potentially secure orders that may not have been made through the standard checkout process.


There are several plugins and extensions available for Woocommerce that provide cart to quote functionality. These can be easily installed and configured to meet the specific needs of a business. Many of these plugins also offer additional features such as customizable quote forms and automated email notifications.


Cart to Quote for Woocommerce is a valuable tool for businesses looking to offer a more flexible and personalized shopping experience for their customers. By implementing this feature, businesses can open up new opportunities for sales and build stronger relationships with their customer base.

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WooCommerce version 8+ compatible!

The most complete quoting or “Request a Quote” plugin for Woocommerce and WordPress.
Max your sales NOW!

Let your customers request a quote
create a quote and send it to them via wp-admin

Engage your customers by creating special offers or discounts for them on WordPress and Woocommerce.

Please read the plugin description. If you are not sure about anything, please ask and we are here to answer your questions :)






How it works


User has the ability to add products in the quote list. It works like a cart (adding, removing, overview etc). After he has added all the desired products he can submit the list for quoting. At submission, a quote is created on the backend for the shop manager to review and the shop manager also receives an email notification.


1st case: The shop manager can review the quotes that have been submitted by the customers. He can add new prices to each item for this quote and approve OR can cancel, decline etc. Many statuses are available. The customer can get notifications on the update status and then go ahead and buy the new quote as normal via woocommerce checkout, with all the changes and new prices that were made by the shop manager.

2nd case: You (the shop manager) get a call from your VIP customer asking you for a nice price on a long products list. You get on the backend, go to quotes, and create a new one with all the items he asked. Here you can tweak the prices and add some discount to make your VIP customer happy. After the quote is done, you can save it and your customer will receive an email notification with all the quote details, the prices he, exclusively gets and a link to review and accept the quote so he can checkout.

NOTE: The cart and the checkout are functioning as normal. The “add to quote” button will be added along with the “add to cart” button, however there is an option to hide the “add to cart” button.



  • Integrates with any theme by using the default Woocommerce design
  • Supports “Woocommerce Product Add-Ons” plugin \\
  • Works for both logged in and guest users
  • Per user role access to the “add to quote” button
  • Can be limited to logged in users only
  • User friendly and self-explanatory administration panel fully integrated with Woocommerce.
  • Orders alike quotes administration; native WordPress plugin. Quotes is a custom post type
  • Admin can create quotes for existing users or anyone but just knowing his/her email address
  • Ability to add your custom attachment to any quote and send to the customer
  • Auto creates PDF attachment with the quote details to be sent to the customer
  • The admin can edit and approve or decline any quote request
  • Quote expiry, reminder and follow up date can be set per quote
  • Easily edit the content of each email via the plugin options
  • No need for another plugin; it works out of the box with WordPress and Woocommerce
  • Compatible with Woocommerce Variations to Table – Grid
  • Easily translatable via .po / .mo files.
  • Available translations: English, Greek


  • WordPress 4.0+
  • Woocommerce 4+
  • PHP 7+


Plugin Settings

In order to setup the Cart to Quote for Woocommerce plugin navigate from your WordPress administration panel to “Woocommerce -> Settings” and click on the Cart to Quote Tab.

  1. Always prompt for log in: Disallow access to guests and prompt for log in even in single quotes.
  2. Require account: Allow access to the plugin functionality, but require login to submit quote list.
  3. Add quotes list on my account: Add the quotes list before the orders list on Woocommerce my account page.
  4. Remove add to quote button on product: Removes the “add to quote” button on the single product page.
  5. Remove add to quote button from product archives: Removes the “add to quote” button on the product archives list/loop page.
  6. Disallow user remarks: Users will not be able to add remarks (notes) to quotes, if you check this.
  7. Empty cart before adding quote items: The cart will be emptied before adding quote items to it when the user accepts a quote.
  8. Days to remember user’s quote list: How many days should the plugin remember the users quote list when the user is logged out (default is 100). Basically is the cookie life.
  9. New quote email notification: Here you may insert an email address to receive new quote requests notification, eg. the shop manager email address.
  10. Email user on frontend new quote: Email quote details to the user that is submitting the new quote from the frontend.
  11. Text before the quote list on the reminder email: Here you may enter any custom text that will be inserted before the quote list on the quote reminder email that is sent to the customer.
  12. Text after the quote list on the reminder email: Here you may enter any custom text that will be inserted after the quote list on the quote reminder email that is sent to the customer.
  13. Text before the quote list on the follow up email: Here you may enter any custom text that will be inserted before the quote list on the quote follow up email that is sent to the customer.
  14. Text after the quote list on the follow up email: Here you may enter any custom text that will be inserted after the quote list on the quote follow up email that is sent to the customer.
  15. PDF Logo: Drag and drop or “Add Media” to the editor in order to customize the logo on the PDF that is sent as attachment to the customer on the quote list creation.
  16. PDF Company Address: The address of your company that you may want to display on the PDF with the quote details.
  17. PDF Text Before Product’s Table: Any text that you want to be displayed on the PDF, before the table with the list of the quoted products.
  18. PDF Page Footer: Any text that you want to be displayed on the PDF footer.
  19. PDF Headers Background Color: Any color that you would like as background in the PDF (table) headers.
  20. PDF Links Color: Any color that you would like for any links on the PDF.
  21. PDF Style: Here you may enter any CSS rules to be applied to the PDF (do NOT include <style></style>).
  22. You are ready to go! * Save Changes *


Quotes Administration

In order to create or edit any quote navigate from your WordPress administration panel to “Woocommerce ? Quotes”. The functionality is the same as any WordPress Custom Post Type.

Quotes Management
  • Add a quote buy clicking on the “add Quote” button
  • If you already have quotes created you may edit, quick edit, trash or view any quote. Just hover on the quote title for the links to show up.
Quotes Editing
  • User: You may add a user by start typing on the User field. An AJAX search will be ran on the background for already registered users and you will be prompt to select one if anyone is found. If the user does not exist you may type his email and the select it. YOu will be prompt to fill in his/her details. It is not obligatory to add the details of the user.
  • On the next area you may select the products you want to add to the quote or edit the existing ones. In the same way start typing the title or SKU of the product and you will be prompt to select on of the results that are found. All fields bu the quantity will be autofilled for you after you select a product.
  • You may enter the profit margin by editing each individual product. Look for the “Unit Cost” field.
  • To add more product click on the plus (+) sign on the end of each row.
  • To remove a product click on the (x) sign on the start of each row.
  • To enter an expiry, reminder and follow up date click on any of the three fields. A calendar will pop up.
  • You may keep notes for admins only on the “Admin Notes” textarea.
  • If the quote was submitted bya user and the user added some remarks (notes), those will be displayed on the “User Notes” textarea.
  • On the sidebar you may select nad/or change the status of the quote.
  • You may add an attachment to the quote by clicking on the “Add File” button. The default WordPress media manager will pop up. This attachment will be sent to the user on quote submission.
  • If you are editing a quote then you will have two additional options.
    • “Send status notification to user” (self explanatory).
    • “Send New Quote Notification to USer” in case you want to resend the email that was sent to him/her when the quote was first created.

Quotes Frontend

Users, depending on your settings, will be able to add products in their quotes list and ask for quotes. They will be able to ask for a quote and see their quotes on the “My Account” page.


For Developers


You may override any of the plugin templates in the same way you do for woocommerce. Just copy the file in “your-theme-directory/c2q/”.

eg. if you want to override the single-quote.php and your theme is “storefront-child” then create a folder named “c2q” in ”/wp-content/themes/storefront-child/” and copy the file “single-quote.php” in there. Now you may edit it as preferred.


Many hooks are in place. Please search the code for a full list. A list is also available in the documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are variable products supported?

    Yes, they are.

  2. Will it work with this (any not tested by us) plugin?

    Please ask!

  3. I need this change on the plugin. Will you do it for me?

    If this is a change that will benefilt all buyers, we may consider it. If it is a customization, then we are sorry, but this is not included on the support.

  4. How many quotes can it handle?

    This really depends on the server and site optimization.


1.0.16 04 Oct 2023
  • Fix: PHP 8 compatibility
1.0.15 11/24/2021
  • Fix: Resolved conflict with “Google Doc Embedder” plugin
1.0.14 11/22/2021
  • Feature: Added PDF comment per quote
  • Feature: Added button on the cart page to merge or transfer the cart contents to the user’s quote list
1.0.13 11/05/2019
  • Fix: In some cases the plugins’ setting would not save
1.0.12 02/14/2019
  • Fix: In some cases displaying prices with tax would display a warning creating a wsod on post
  • Fix: Fixed JS error if the email does not exist in the user DB
  • Feature: Update select2 to latest version
1.0.11 09/06/2018
  • Fix: On some DB setups the product would not be added to the quotelist
1.0.10 08/01/2018
  • Fix: Added several checks in order to avoid errors from popping up
1.0.9 10/20/2017
  • Feature: Woocommerce v3.2 compatibility
  • Feature: Quote thank you message override
1.0.8 04/30/2017
  • Feature: Woocommerce v3.0 compatibility
  • Feature: Per product disable “add to cart” button
  • Feature: New quotes option to CC email to the quote author
1.0.7 01/19/2017
  • Feature: Added the option to customize the text on the email headers
  • Feature: Added the option to customize the footer of the emails
  • Fix: Fixed quotelist widget link on WPML sites
  • Fix: Quote PDF in some occasions was not attached due to server lag
1.0.6 01/03/2017
  • Feature: Added “Woocommerce Product Addons” plugin support
  • Feature: Added description per product on quotes via backend
  • Feature: Better Avada theme compatibility
  • Feature: Added image on quote lists
  • Feature: SKU search on backend
  • Feature: Made the list price and cost editable on backend
  • Fix: Prevent last product row deleting on admin
  • Fix: PDF was not attached if the user was not registered
  • Fix: Some text was not translatable
1.0.5 10/23/2016
  • Feature: Added the option to remove prices from your site
  • Feature: Added the option to remove add to cart button from your site
  • Feature: Made compatible with Woocommerce Variations to Table – Grid
  • Feature: Added per user role access to the “add to quote” button
  • Feature: Quick custom button text field via the settings page
  • Feature: added quote list table on status update emails
  • Fix: Fixed quote not saving in wp-admin in some cases
  • Fix: Fixed notices not being displayed after quotelist submition
1.0.4 09/13/2016
  • Feature: Added compatibility with additional popular themes
  • Feature: Better button enabling checks on variable products
  • Bug: Force Font Awesome load if missing
1.0.3 09/09/2016
  • Feature: Added support for ajax refreshing of the quotelist widget
  • Bug: Fixed some PHP warnings
1.0.2 08/23/2016
  • Feature: Enable/disable “add to quote” functionality per product
  • Feature: Made easier to understand that adding a user during the quote creation is optional
  • Bug: In some installations, woocommerce select2 version was conflicting when editing or creading quotes
  • Bug: Fixed some typos
1.0.1 08/19/2016
  • Bug: Missing comma was preventing DB table from being created
  • Bug: Added some checks to remove warnings for undifined indexes
1.0.0 08/15/2016
  • Initial release

Sources and Credits

This plugin uses the following libraries

  • Select2
  • mPDF

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