Chat Manager – Codeigniter ( Node.js

Introduction to Chat Manager – Codeigniter ( Node.js

Chat Manager is a powerful and flexible chat application built on the Codeigniter framework and using for real-time communication. With Node.js as the backend server, Chat Manager provides a robust and scalable solution for implementing chat functionality in web applications.

Key Features of Chat Manager

Chat Manager offers a range of features that make it a top choice for adding chat capabilities to web applications. Some of the key features include:

  • Real-time messaging using
  • User authentication and access control
  • Customizable chat rooms and groups
  • File sharing and multimedia support
  • Message history and archiving

How Chat Manager Works

Chat Manager is built on the Codeigniter framework, providing a solid foundation for developing and managing web applications. The frontend interface is designed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, while the backend is powered by Node.js and for real-time communication.

When a user logs into the chat application, they are authenticated and granted access to their designated chat rooms and groups. They can then send and receive messages in real time, with support for multimedia content and file sharing. Chat Manager also archives message history, allowing users to review past conversations at any time.

Integration with Codeigniter and Node.js

Integrating Chat Manager with a Codeigniter application is a straightforward process. The frontend interface can be seamlessly integrated with Codeigniter views, and the backend server can be deployed as a Node.js application alongside the existing Codeigniter environment. provides the bridge for real-time communication, ensuring that messages are delivered instantly to all connected users.

Benefits of Using Chat Manager

Implementing Chat Manager in a web application offers several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced user engagement and communication
  • Scalability and performance with Node.js backend
  • Customizable chat experience tailored to the application’s needs
  • Secure and reliable messaging platform


Chat Manager is a versatile and feature-rich solution for adding chat functionality to web applications. With its integration with Codeigniter and Node.js, it offers a seamless and efficient way to enable real-time communication for users. Whether for social networking, customer support, or collaborative work environments, Chat Manager provides a powerful and reliable platform for implementing chat capabilities.

Chat Manager FAQ

Chat Manager FAQ

What is Chat Manager?

Chat Manager is a codeigniter application that uses and Node.js to create a real-time chat system.

How does Chat Manager work?

Chat Manager uses to establish a real-time connection between the server and the client. When a user sends a message, it is immediately broadcasted to all other connected users.

What are the requirements for using Chat Manager?

To use Chat Manager, you need to have a server running Node.js and an active installation of Codeigniter.

Is Chat Manager easy to install?

Yes, Chat Manager is easy to install. It comes with installation instructions and a setup guide to help you get started.

Can I customize Chat Manager to match my website’s look and feel?

Yes, Chat Manager is fully customizable. You can easily change the design and layout to match your website’s branding.

Is Chat Manager secure?

Chat Manager uses secure connections and authentication mechanisms to ensure the safety of your data.

Can I integrate Chat Manager with my existing user database?

Yes, Chat Manager provides options to integrate with existing user databases, making it easy to manage user accounts and permissions.

Does Chat Manager support group chats?

Yes, Chat Manager supports group chats, allowing multiple users to participate in a conversation.

Is there a demo available for Chat Manager?

Yes, there is a demo available for Chat Manager. You can request access to the demo on our website.

The one and only real-time fast message delivery system using websocket.



A Real time instant messaging chat application build using

  1. Codeigniter framework
  2. node.js socket server
  3. Uses So no continuous ajax request to load current chat data (Usually all chat application does to load/updates the current chat conversations). Saves a huge amount of Bandwidth and reduce unnecessary server load and costs.
  4. Stand alone application. No 3rd party dependency.
  5. Block, unblock Feature
  6. Independent mobile view
  7. REST api based project
  8. Android and ios Application friendly
  9. user online/offline status
  10. Picture upload
  11. Video upload
  12. Link shearing with preview (open graph)
  13. One to one private messaging
  14. Group messaging
  15. Friend list system design
  16. Simple database design
  17. Login system is built in
  18. User authentication system is built in
  19. 100% open source
  20. Video Sample


Admin panel:

Powerful Admin panel with

  1. User List
  2. Admin can block/unblock user account
  3. Admin can view full user information
  4. Admin can view user messages
  5. Admin can create new admin/ manager type admin

Check the Link of admin panel

Admin url

user Id :

password : 123456

Server Requirements:

  1. VPS/Dedicated Server with root user access
  2. PHP Version 5.6 to 7.3.4 (Tested)
  3. MYSql Version 5.6 to 8 (Tested)
  4. Node.js Version 10.15.3 LTS (Tested) Download

Please ensure that your server supports node.js applications by contacting with your hosting provider before purchase.

It is mainly built for social networking website. You can also use it with your mobile application android and ios(as backend) .

Package containts:

  1. Main Source codes
  2. Database Files
  3. Documentation (Installation process for both local and live server, Functional description)
  4. Source code Integration Tutorial video
  5. Integration Example source codes

Item Support:

Click the Support link to get Item support. Support

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