Ciyashop Multi Vendor Native Android App for WCFM, Dokan and WCMP

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Ciyashop Native vendor app is perfect solutions for vendor management. The vendor can manage their products using this application and check their orders as well. We have the support of WCMP, Dokan and WCFM Multi Vendor plugin. It is a perfect solution for your business owners who want there Vendor to upload there simple products (No Variaton) for sale. Product Uploaded by the Vendor will be listed in the Ciyashop Application. End-user of Ciyashop Android and iOS application can order this product. They can contact the Vendor and check other products from the same Vendor. The vendor will be notified with the push notification. Also, the vendor can update the status of the order using the Vendor application.

All Features

Vendor Login

Vendor can login with Email and password

Vendor Registration

Vendor can easily register into the system. After registration in order to enter the system, then the user must be entering their unique email and password. All credentials will be checked in Web Server and if the server sends an error, then it will show to users. For example, Email or Password is incorrect

Forgot Password

if vendor forgot their password then they do forgot password and create new password from that


Once the user can log in to the application user get all the products which are added in the application so the vendor can manage it like edit it and manage the product. IF vendor can enter the system. The vendor can add products from Unlimited products and Unlimited categories. Also, the vendor can easily add categories, items with the application.

Add/Edit Simple Product

Vendor can add their product for sale. This product will be visible on your website as well as the Ciyashop application with Vendor information below the product name. The vendor can edit this product information, price, Images etc

Sale Product

if vendor want tot add product in sale so vendor can add sale timing duration so that product in sale at that time.

Manage Orders

All New Orders will be displayed on System. Also Vendor can check all order details and can change orders status.

Update Location

Vendor can easily control address section. Including adding city, district , street , buildings and edit , delete it easily

Manage Profile

Vendor can easily control profile like First name , last name , phone number , address etc.

Earning Reports

Vendor can be check there earning report as well.


Vendor get new order it will be notified with notification and vendor can update order status and use get notification for the same order.

Live Demo

Ciyashop Seller

You can log in with below details

Password:- New_User@1234

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