Classy Faq Module for PrestaShop

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PrestaShop FAQ Module

The PrestaShop FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Module allows your website to provide answers to common questions from visitors. This module can help reduce the number of customer service inquiries, freeing up time for your staff to focus on other tasks.


  • Unlimited Question & Answers
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Live Search System
  • Ask Question Popup to take questions from users.
  • Add / Edit FAQs
  • Toggle FAQ
  • Category Wise FAQ
  • Question & Answer features
  • Change the URL of the archive
  • Mobile responsive
  • Fully Responsive 100%
  • User-Friendly control system
  • Documentation

FAQ Single Page

This PrestaShop FAQ module helps you create a professional FAQ Single page where you can list all the repeated questions with respective answers.
PrestaShop FAQ Single Page has a sidebar that lets users easily check for related features and questions.

  • Ask Question Button.
  • Featured FAQs
  • FAQ Categories

Unlimited Ask Question Popup

This feature allows users to submit their questions directly from the user-friendly popup.

  • Quick Popup
  • Write Question
  • Submit instantly

Live Search System

The PrestaShop FAQ search system enables users to find the information they need quickly and easily. The system displays the details of FAQ questions and answers on one page, making it simple for users to find the answers they need.

  • Quick Search
  • Instant Search results.
  • Show related search questions.


The documentation will help you to edit & manage the PrestaShop FAQ module easily.

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