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The ColorSpaces plugin is a jQuery plugin that allows you to change the color of page elements by using any of 11 predefined color spaces. So, if you’re used to work with CMYK, RGB, HEX, or other color spaces like YUV, HSV, Lab, this plugin is for you. It offers a way of converting colors between any of these 11 available color spaces, but also offers you a way of creating CSS compatible colors (RGB, HEX and HSL) from values defined in other color spaces.

Included in this package

* The ColorSpace plugin (compressed and uncompressed);
* The jQuery v1.3.2 framework (you can download the latest version from );
* An example html file which shows you this plugin at work.

Supported color spaces

1. RGB
2. HEX
5. YUV
6. XYZ
7. Yxy
8. Hunter-Lab
9. CIE-L*ab
10. CMY
11. CMYK

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