Cpanel Email Manager

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Cpanel Email Manager

Cpanel Email Manager is a PHP-based app that performs Cpanel operations without having to login to your Cpanel. It enables you to easily create emails, list all email accounts, and change email passwords. You can easily integrate this app with your project, like CMS and more, or use it as a stand-alone app. You can easily give this to your clients to manage their emails without them having access to Cpanel.




  1. List Email Accounts
  2. Create Email Account
  3. Change Email password
  4. Edit Email Quota
  5. Delete Email Account
  6. Add Email Forwarding
  7. List Email Forwarding
  8. Delete Email Forwarding
  9. Create Auto Responder with ease
  10. Get Auto Responder
  11. Delete Auto Responder
  12. Email Account Search


  • cPanel 11.42+
  • PHP 8.1+
  • PDO Driver Enabled
  • SQLite Extension Enabled
  • PHP CURL Extension

    ==== 03/02/2023 - VERSION 2023.0.2 ====
    - Code structure and interface changed
    - Compatibility with newest cpanel version
    - Support PHP 8.1+
    ==== 05/04/2020 - VERSION 3.1 ====
    - Bug fix
    - Compatibility with newest cpanel version
    ==== 01/10/2018 - VERSION 3.0 ====
    - New Design
    - User management
    - Auto responder
    ==== 09/01/2018 - VERSION 2.1 ====
    - Compatibility with PHP 7.x
    - Password strength validation for most host
    - Minor fix
    ==== 25/10/2017- VERSION 2.0 ====
    - User Authentication <strong> NEW
    - Email Forwarding <strong> NEW
    - New Template
    ==== 2016- VERSIONS 1.5 ====
    - Some bugs fixed
    - Email listing issue has been fixed 
    - Will now list email associated with only the domain name specify.

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