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Donation WooCommerce Plugin

Accepting donations is a great way to raise funds for your non-profit, charity, NGO, club, or any other organization. But not all donation systems are easy to use or manage.

Donation WooCommerce is a powerful WooCommerce extension that allows you to collect donations without charging transaction fees. It adds “donation” as a regular WooCommerce product so visitors can add a donation to their shopping cart and pay for it via the regular checkout process — you can even add a donation field right to the cart.

Use a Donation product to run multiple simultaneous fundraising campaigns on your website. Simply display the donation option on your cart page with predefined values, or allow visitors to enter custom payment amount.

Now add a donation widget on the sidebar of your website, with a custom styling option you can now change labels and colors and more. Ask users to round up their transactions to the nearest amount by donating the difference to charity on the checkout page. Also, add a donation form on a particular page or post using a shortcode.

Ask your customers to round up their bill at WooCommerce Checkout and donate the change to charity.

WooCommerce Donation Extension’s latest WooCommerce Round-Up Prices For Charity feature once enabled on your checkout page, ask your shoppers if they would like to “round up” transactions to the next highest dollar and donate the difference to charity. You can also define a list of charities of shoppers to choose from Every donation counts no matter how small.

Round-Up Multiplier – A super easy and intelligent way to collect donations from your customers. Not to be confused, this feature puts a creative twist to the Round-Up function and let us tell you how:

Once activated, you have to input an integer and select it as the round-up multiplier. The cart total will be reached to the nearest number that will be divisible by the round-up multiplier. The difference between the new total and the actual order amount will be asked to be donated.

Quick and easy to configure – Admins and store managers can view donations and the details of an in the WooCommerce area. 

Round-Up is a premium feature in other plugins but is now part of our in-feature list for absolutely no extra charge.


  • Enable/disable donation campaigns
  • Let visitors decide how much to donate, or display a set of predefined options
  • The “Round-Up” feature allows your shoppers to round up their bill for charity and donate the change.
  • The round-Up multiplier calculates a new total by rounding off the cart amount to the nearest number that is divisible by the round-up multiplier.
  • Create multiple donation campaigns
  • Display a donation option at the cart/check out page
  • Filter donation orders by campaign name
  • Set the position of the currency symbol
  • Display the donation option on the checkout page.
  • Display popup for donation request with Round Off Donation option.
  • Options to customize your forms and widget (Button text color, Button label, Button color.
  • Add widget on sidebar or footer.
  • Display donation amount in multiple styles (Radio, label, dropdown).
  • Select a specific campaign or give the option to the user to donate on multiple campaigns.
  • Option to customize Round Off Donation popup (Popup Title, Popup message, Button text color, Button color, Button text).
  • Customers can donate the change after the round-up in their bill to the charity or donation cause of their choice.
  • Enable/disable the option to display donation form on the cart page.
  • Users can add a decimal value to their donation on the cart and checkout page.
  • Metadata Functionality Creates a separate list for amounts collected under ‘donations’.
  • Translate Support WPML Plugin.
  • Translate Support Loco Translate Plugin.


  • Create and add a donation as a regular WooCommerce product.
  • Give your donation product a predefined value.
  • Allow users to enter and pay a custom donation value.
  • Manage multiple donation campaigns simultaneously.
  • Add donation widget to the sidebar.
  • Display Donation Form using shortcode.
  • Round-Up and donate the difference using the “Round-Up” feature on your checkout page. Ask your customers to round up their total and donate the difference to the charity. Customers can also choose from a list of charities of their choice.
  • Give style to your donation product, widget & form.
  • Users can use a decimal value to their donation amount. Decimal values are valid for all checkout donation and cart donation options.
  •  Set-up a round-up multiplier – calculate a new total for your customers by rounding off the cart amount to the nearest number that is divisible by the round-up multiplier.

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