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E-mailer Newsletter Mailing System with Analytics

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E-mailer Newsletter Mailing System to organize marketing campaigns and sending newsletters

Program tested using 750.000 emails database (min. req. PHP 5.6).

Rotating SMTP servers without any limits

GDPR ready using:

  • single/double opt-in option
  • delete recipient on-demand with unsubscribe option
  • enable/disable email tracking
  • subscription widget generator for any website
  • security token for subscription form included
  • security token for double opt-in email included
  • use tags to collect consents
  • blacklist

No limits and no restrictions for SMTP connections.
Tested SMTP servers:

  • 1and1 (smtp.1and1.com)
  • Amazon (email-smtp.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com)
  • Gmail (smtp.gmail.com)
  • GoDaddy (smtpout.secureserver.net)
  • Mailgun (smtp.mailgun.org)
  • Mandrill (smtp.mandrillapp.com)
  • OVH (ssl0.ovh.net)
  • SendinBlue (smtp-relay.mailin.fr)
  • SparkPost (smtp.sparkpostmail.com)
  • Yahoo (smtp.mail.yahoo.com)
  • Yandex (smtp.yandex.com)

Lifetime license

Use as long as you wish:

  • All features available all the time.
  • All features available without any activation code.
  • No fees.
  • No limits.
  • No restrictions.
  • No additional payment.
  • No subscription payment.


  • Advanced statistics with geolocation for each campaign:
  • opens
  • unique clicks
  • total clicks
  • unsubscribers
  • google map showing who and where opened an email
    (Google Map v3 API KEY is needed)
  • top browsers
  • top Cities
  • all campaigns data export to CSV
  • top Countries
  • Email importing
  • manually insert/edit/delete
  • CSV import – configure importing params
  • Database bridge import – configure and save params for import emails from Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, PhpBB, any database
  • Email sending
  • Ajax email sending with progress belt showing current sending process
  • PHP Background process – you can close the browser window,
    the campaign will still proceed on your server (notify admin by email when finished), hosting server must accept long time scripts working
  • SMTP server connection
  • Testing module for SMTP connection before usage
  • Unlimited SMTP connections
  • rotating SMTP possibility – send your campaign using as many SMTP servers as you need
  • phpMailer functionality for PHP mail() function usage
  • pure PHP mail() function usage
  • Set up an hourly limit for sending emails
  • Email verification service included
  • API integration
  • Ajax verification mail by mail
  • Ajax bulk verification till max 500k emails per one pack, 100k recommended
  • Email templates included
  • Easy to add/edit email template (custom email HTML header)
  • Edit templates using
  • CodeMirror
  • Pure text area

TinyMCE with included Images File Manager

  • No limits for templates with template thumbnails manager
  • Supports attachments
  • Supports <form> tags
  • Template weight calculator
  • Testing module for each email template – send it before usage in campaign
  • Database:
  • Table prefix configuration
  • Clear database function
  • Import sample data
  • Languages:
  • Arabic – العربية
  • English – English
  • french – français
  • german – Deutsche
  • Hindi – हिंदी
  • Italian – Italiano
  • Japanese – 日本語
  • Polish – Polski
  • Portuguese – português
  • Russian – русский
  • Spanish – español

More features:

  • Bounced emails, if IMAP is enabled, management with IMAP/POP3 connection
  • The campaign can be stored for future sending
  • Change login/password to the system
  • Check unsubscribers by a particular campaign
  • Dashboard view with basic statistics
  • Easy prepare new campaign
  • Easy to install – just upload to server, login and set up the database
  • Enable/Disable email tracking
  • HTTPS support
  • Export emails to CSV file with params configuration
  • One file configuration
  • Possibility of adding your own components to this system – example component included
  • Possibility of automatic deletion of unsubscriber
  • Possibility of deletion of bounced emails from POP3/IMAP server
  • Possibility of deletion of bounced emails from the recipient database
  • Q&A section with the most popular useful issues
  • Responsive layout
  • Run/Stop/Resume/Delete campaigns
  • Subscription widget generator for web sites with single/double opt-in option
  • Track emails
  • Unlimited mailing list
  • Unlimited recipients
  • Unlimited senders – set up senders email and description
  • Unlimited tags for recipients
  • Unsubscribe link
  • User-friendly admin panel view


  1. Copy files to your hosting folder
  2. Login using default credentials
  3. Setup database – run install.php file
  4. Click button to create a database structure (automatically process)
  5. Go to system configuration section and change login and password

How to update?

  1. Make a backup of your configuration file
  2. Overwrite all files
  3. Run SQL update script in your favorite DB manager
    (update your table PREFIX in SQL update file)
  4. Copy settings from the old configuration


E-Mailer - Newsletter &Amp; Mailing System With Analytics

E-Mailer - Newsletter &Amp; Mailing System With Analytics

E-Mailer - Newsletter &Amp; Mailing System With Analytics

E-Mailer - Newsletter &Amp; Mailing System With Analytics



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