EasyCookie WordPress Plugin – GDPR Responsive Cookie Law Compliance Alert Notification

Introducing EasyCookie WordPress Plugin

EasyCookie is a WordPress plugin that helps website owners comply with the GDPR and other cookie laws by displaying a responsive cookie law compliance alert notification.

GDPR Compliance Made Easy

With the implementation of GDPR, website owners are required to obtain consent from visitors before placing any cookies on their devices. EasyCookie simplifies this process by providing a customizable cookie alert notification that can be easily integrated into any WordPress website.

Responsive Cookie Law Alert Notification

The EasyCookie plugin comes with a responsive cookie law alert notification that can be displayed at the top or bottom of the website. This ensures that visitors are informed about the use of cookies and are given the option to consent to their usage.

Customizable Design

EasyCookie allows website owners to customize the look and feel of the cookie alert notification to match their brand’s design. With options to change colors, fonts, and text, the plugin ensures that the notification seamlessly integrates with the website’s overall design.

Cookie Consent Management

With EasyCookie, website owners can manage the consent given by visitors for the use of cookies. The plugin provides a dashboard where the consent status of each visitor can be tracked, ensuring compliance with GDPR requirements.

Get Started with EasyCookie

Getting started with EasyCookie is simple and straightforward. Website owners can download the plugin from the WordPress repository and install it on their website. With just a few clicks, they can set up the cookie alert notification and start complying with cookie laws.

Stay Compliant with EasyCookie

With the EasyCookie WordPress plugin, website owners can ensure that they are compliant with GDPR and other cookie laws. The responsive cookie law alert notification, customizable design, and consent management features make it easy for website owners to comply with regulations and provide a transparent experience for their visitors.


EasyCookie is a valuable tool for website owners looking to comply with GDPR and other cookie laws. Its easy-to-use features and customizable design make it a seamless solution for displaying a responsive cookie law compliance alert notification on WordPress websites.


What is EasyCookie WordPress Plugin?

EasyCookie WordPress Plugin is a tool that helps website owners comply with GDPR and other cookie laws by providing a responsive cookie law compliance alert notification.

Is EasyCookie GDPR compliant?

Yes, EasyCookie is designed to help websites comply with GDPR and other cookie laws by providing a customizable cookie law compliance alert notification.

How does EasyCookie work?

EasyCookie works by displaying a notification to website visitors, informing them of the use of cookies and asking for their consent to continue using the website.

Is EasyCookie customizable?

Yes, EasyCookie comes with customization options that allow website owners to personalize the cookie law compliance alert notification to fit their website’s design and branding.

Can I use EasyCookie on my WordPress website?

Yes, EasyCookie is a WordPress plugin, so it can be easily installed and used on any WordPress website.

Does EasyCookie provide analytics on cookie consent?

Yes, EasyCookie includes analytics that track visitor consent to cookies, helping website owners ensure compliance with cookie laws.

Is EasyCookie regularly updated to meet legal requirements?

Yes, EasyCookie is regularly updated to meet changing legal requirements and ensure that website owners can maintain compliance with cookie laws.

EasyCookie is a responsive cookie notification to comply with the new GDPR compliance. In a easy and quick way you can setup a beautiful Cookie Notification for your website!

HTML version of this plugin is HERE

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Is your website affected by GDPR compliance?

The GDPR compliance will affect every website that OPERATES within the EU. If your website is based in the US, but offers services to people in Europe, you also are affected by this Law.


  • 2 themes
  • Can choose the notification bar position: TOP or BOTTOM
  • Can enable auto-accept on page scroll
  • Can choose the number of days of cookies validity
  • Easy to install in your WordPress website
  • Extremely customizable
  • 100% bootstrap compatible
  • Fully responsive, mobile friendly
  • Easy to customize
  • Can insert emoticons
  • Security vulnerabilities checked

Browser support


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