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With Extra Fees WooCommerce Plugin, you can charge additional fees such as handling fees and payment gateway fees to encourage customers to increase the order value. Encourage your customers to spend more to avoid cart subtotal fees.

Benefits of Extra Fees for WooCommerce

Additional site revenue

You can earn additional revenue by adding customer fees.

Incentivize the use of specific payment gateway(s)

To encourage customers to use your preferred payment gateway, you can charge a payment gateway fee on non-preferred gateways.

Increase average order value

Encourage your customers to spend more to avoid cart subtotal fees.

How product fees work

  • Product fees appear on the product page. When the user purchases the product, they will pay any additional fees you set in addition to the product’s price.
  • Additionally, product fees appear on the cart page, checkout page, and thank you page below the product’s name.

How payment gateway fees work

  • If you assign a fee to a payment gateway, the customer will need to pay that fee if they choose to pay via that gateway. The fee is added once the payment gateway is selected.

How order fees work

  • The user must pay the order fee when their cart subtotal is within the specified limit.
  • The fee appears on the cart page, checkout page, and thank you page.


Multiple fees

  • Product fee
  • Gateway fee
  • Order fee

Fee type

You can set fixed fees or fees based on a percentage of the product price or the percentage of the cart’s subtotal.

Product level settings

Configure product fees for each product.

Tax settings

We offer a separate tax class option to calculate the tax cost for the payment gateway fee and order fee.


  • Set fees for particular products and categories.
  • Set the minimum and maximum range for calculating the payment gateway fee and order total fee.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

Extra Fees for WooCommerce allows you to charge additional fees based on product price, payment gateway used, and cart subtotal.

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