Facebook Multi Page and Group Poster

Ffacebook Multi Page And Group Poster
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Facebook Multi Page and Group Poster.


  • Seven different post types supported. Status, Links, Photos, Multi-Image, Album Photos, Videos, and Slide-shows.
  • Completely white labeled post generation. Use your own Facebook app to post to Facebook.
  • Third-party access tokens also supported. Including HTC, and others for posting to CLOSED/SECRET groups.
  • Supports view/edit Access Tokens.
  • Schedule posts ahead of time, even months ahead from the end date.
  • Schedule postings to multiple Groups, Pages, Liked Pages & Your Timeline.
  • Post online photos/images to pages.
  • Supports adding photos to page and group albums as well.
  • Supports embedded images in posts.
  • Supports uploading images for posting.
  • Keeps the server clutter-free by utilizing IMGUR API for image uploading.
  • Directly upload online videos to Facebook.
  • Supports posting YouTube, Dailymotion, and Facebook videos to pages and groups, not just as embedded videos, but uploaded directly to Facebook, playable as your own Facebook’s videos
  • Complete customization for posting links in pages and groups. Change Title, caption, message, and other aspects of the link.
  • Supports Post Variables including a unique ID for each post. Auto-populate post content with variables. See Supported Variables List here
  • Post Presets. Supports saving Posts for future use, as well as creating categories of Groups/Pages selections
  • Configurable Auto-Pause for posting. Supports automatically pausing the ’s posting process for a specified time, after a configurable number of posts.
  • The configurable delay between consecutive posts. A safeguard from Facebook blockage.
  • Integrated Image proxy. To post online photos that are otherwise unavailable for direct upload to Facebook.
  • Built-in URL/Link shorteners. Can be used to avoid Facebook original link blockage or simply shorten long links.
  • SPINTAX and nested spintax support for content randomization

User Functionalities:

  • Unlimited user accounts. No Facebook Application review submission needed. No manual role assignments needed for new users.
  • Detailed Post logs (7 days) for record of posts published via this software. Includes status, post permalinks, and other information.
  • Shows the lt of each post submission whether error or success.
  • Delete unnecessary pages and groups from listing.
  • Import Groups via File
  • Option to auto-remove restricted groups during groups import.

Admin Control Panel

  • Powerful Admin Panel for setting script options and managing users.
  • Integrated email gateway for direct delivery of user sign-up notifications and verifications.
  • The administrator can set minimum delay and default delay shown to users.
  • Email verification for new sign-ups.
  • Integrated script updater for hassle-free script updating,

Installation and Customization

  • Supports Themes and includes several built-in themes
  • Logo, content & color customization options for themes in the admin panel.
  • Does not need MySQL Server. Uses fast SQLite Databases for storage.
  • Multiple Languages supported. English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish & Urdu.
  • Easy process to add new languages. Posting can be done in any language
  • Clean, clear, well commented, and well-indented code.
  • Easier to modify with separate language files and modular code.

Additional Features

  • Extremely easy to use navigation and post creation process.
  • Modern, mobile-friendly and responsive theme.
  • Safe, secure, fast, and multi-user capable script.
  • Compatible with latest Facebook API v.3.1

Facebook Multi Page and group Poster is the easiest yet very powerful way of publishing to unlimited Facebook Pages and Groups. Quickly post your content to all or a selection of your Groups and Pages. Facebook Multi Page and Group Poster give you the best way to market your business products, promote your Facebook Fan Pages, Business Pages, and Personal Pages, and to obtain a boost in your Facebook campaigns, traffic, and likes.

An excellent tool for personal and commercial usage alike.

Facebook Multi-Page/Group Poster allows you to post six different types of content to multiple Facebook pages, Facebook Fan-pages, and Facebook groups in one go.

Managing, publishing, and scheduling to your profile, all your pages, and all your groups is a piece of cake with this application.

Detailed help file included for quick setup and understanding the operation of the script.


Username: multi
Password: multi

Admin Panel:
Username: admin
Password: admin


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