Film Noise – Old Film Effects for Web

Film Noise – Old Film Effects for Web

Film Noise – Old Film Effects for Web


Old film effects can add a vintage and nostalgic touch to web content, giving it a unique and timeless feel. One of the most iconic old film effects is film noise, which adds grainy textures and random imperfections to digital images and videos. In this article, we will explore the use of film noise as a web design element and how it can enhance the visual appeal of a website.

What is Film Noise?

Film noise, also known as grain or grainy texture, is the random variation of brightness or color information in an image or video. It is caused by the chemical processes and physical characteristics of film emulsion during the capturing and processing of film. Film noise gives old film footage its unique and characteristic look, often associated with vintage and classic cinema.

Using Film Noise on the Web

With the advancements in web technology, it is now possible to incorporate film noise effects into web design. By applying film noise overlays or filters to digital images and videos, web designers can create a retro and nostalgic aesthetic for their websites. Film noise can be used to evoke a sense of old-world charm and create a visual narrative that resonates with the audience.

Benefits of Using Film Noise

There are several benefits to using film noise as a web design element. It can add depth and texture to digital content, making it more visually engaging and compelling. Film noise can also create a sense of authenticity and timelessness, which can resonate with audiences who appreciate vintage aesthetics. Additionally, film noise can evoke emotions and nostalgia, helping to create a stronger connection with the audience.

How to Add Film Noise to Web Content

There are various ways to add film noise to web content, depending on the design and development tools being used. Web designers can utilize image editing software to apply film noise overlays or filters to digital images. For videos, film noise effects can be added using video editing software or through the use of specialized plugins and filters. Additionally, there are also pre-made film noise textures and overlays available for download, making it easy to incorporate this effect into web design.


Film noise is a versatile and evocative old film effect that can enhance the visual appeal of web content. By leveraging the aesthetic and emotional qualities of film noise, web designers can create websites that resonate with audiences on a deeper level. Whether used to evoke nostalgia or to add a touch of vintage charm, film noise is a powerful tool for creating compelling and memorable web experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions about Film Noise – Old Film Effects for Web

What is Film Noise?

Film noise refers to the grainy or speckled appearance that can be seen in old film footage. It is caused by the chemical processes used in traditional film development, which creates a distinctive look that many people find appealing.

How can I add old film effects to my web project?

You can add old film effects to your web project by using specialized software or by incorporating pre-made film noise overlays or filters. These overlays or filters can be applied to your images or videos to give them a vintage, old film look.

Are there copyright issues when using film noise overlays or filters?

It is important to make sure that you have the right to use any overlays or filters that you incorporate into your web project. Some overlays or filters may be subject to copyright or licensing restrictions, so be sure to check the terms and conditions of use before using them.

Can I create my own film noise overlays?

Yes, you can create your own film noise overlays by using photo editing software to add grainy or speckled textures to your images. You can then use these custom overlays in your web project to achieve the desired old film effect.

Film Noise is a tool that adds realtime old film effects to the web page. It includes customizable grain, scratches, blots, streaks, flicker, tint, and more.
Each effect is 100% procedural. No pre-made assets.
Film Noise has built-in «Ken Burns» slideshow module, many presets and other bonuses. Settings can be both written manually and generated using visual editors. Created as Javascript plugin based on HTML5 Canvas.






  • 100% customizable.
    Many options for fine tuning of grain, scratches, blots, streaks, flicker and tint. Adjustable frame rate and blend mode. Control both through the initial settings and using Javascript.
  • 100% procedural.
    No pre-made graphics. Everything is generated programmatically on the fly.
  • 100% stochastic.
    No predefined scenarios. No pre-made animation. Everything is randomized.
  • 100% responsive.
    Works fine within elements styled with percentage values.
  • Easy background setting.
    Built-in tools to set image, video or slideshow as a background. Of course you can also manually place “Film Noise” over any web elements.
  • Slideshow module.
    Background slideshow with “Ken Burns” effect. Can be used as separate plugin. Settings generator.
  • Multiple instance support.
    Create 2 or more film noise visuals on one page.
  • Rich API.
    Change effects on the fly using Javascript. E.g. add more blots, remove some scratches, make less grain, change frame rate, and more.
  • Usage examples.
    Take any example and use it as a starting point.
  • Editable presets.
    Take any preset and make your own unique noise settings.
  • Built-in presets.
    Define settings by just specifying preset name.
  • Noise editor.
    Create unique settings with visual editor. Edit parameters, check preview, try different backgrounds, choose output format, generate settings, import settings, export settings.
  • Slide editor.
    Create slide settings for “Ken Burns” slideshow with visual editor. Select image, edit parameters, check preview, choose output format, generate settings.
  • Clear documentation.
    Includes quick start guide and detailed description of settings, editors and API.
  • Friendly tech support.
    Feel free to contact us via comments, private message or Facebook Messenger.


  • Unique.
    The first and only film noise plugin on Envato market.
  • Effective.
    Quickly create movie-like visuals using just static content and film noise effects.
  • Attractive.
    Adds energy, warmth and vintage spirit to your web pages.
  • Universal.
    Can be used with any CMS or page builder. Based on web standards.
  • Applicable.
    Many use cases. Can be used for site headers, backgrouds, and more. Can be placed over any web content.
  • Fast.
    Great performance on any modern device. Based on the highly efficient HTML5 Canvas technology.
  • Lightweight.
    Just one javascript file. No external libraries or other dependencies. No pre-made images or videos.
  • Compatible.
    Supports all modern browsers and platforms. Works both online and offline. Does not use too new or experimental technologies.
  • Easy.
    Easy installation. Easy customization. Built-in presets. Built-in tools.
    Settings generator.

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