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FireChat Android Firebase Dating Application by SunnyAnand CodeCanyon
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Please check our extensive detailed documentation here.

FireChat dating app is a complete android studio project built for dating and chatting communities. Built on top of android studio this app has premium features that will surely gain attract users. Users can send messages, see online/offline status, like, favorite and view who visited their profile smoothly.

The main benefit of this app is that you don’t need to purchase any additional server and domain, this saves you much money in the long run, as you also save in the server maintenance costs. you just need to deploy it and firebase will handle it all for you. You also don’t need to be any server ninja or scripting guru! This app is ready built to launch on Play Store. This app is perfect for any small to large size individuals/companies looking to provide a seamless and clean dating/chatting service.

This app is a separate from FireDate app, as this focuses mainly on clean and fast user interactions. This app doesn’t have matching features like FireDate, so there is no option for swiping left/right/top and user feeds activity. It has got clean and simple feature rich user list where users can send instant realtime messages to each other without getting matched. Dating apps generate huge revenues online. And this app has got you covered with AdMob advertisements.

Again, checkout the demo app, see if it fits what you are looking for, and if you face any problem or need any additional features in this app, mail us at


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