Frequently Bought Together WooCommerce

Frequently Bought Together Woocommerce

Frequently Bought Together WooCommerce Plugin

Recommending products that are often bought together is one of the most efficient ways to grow store revenue. A customer who buys a phone probably needs a case and some earphones, too. So use the opportunity to upsell! Highlight the accessories on the phone’s product page and offer a bundle of accessories at a discount.

With Frequently Bough Together for WooCommerce, you can offer shoppers relevant recommendations and product bundles using a powerful tool that lets you customize every part of the experience for your store.


  • Use with Simple and Variable product types. Specify what variation is available for discounts and bundles, or let customers choose.
  • Create bulk upsells for every product in a category.
  • Customize the widget display on the product page — it’s position on the page, UI styles, titles.
  • Create special offers with two, three, or more products.
  • Assign multiple special offers to one product.
  • Manage all bundles from a dedicated page.
  • Use express editing on wp-admin product pages.
  • Assign a percentage discount for every product in the bundle or a flat-rate discount for the whole bundle.
  • Disable and enable bundles without completely removing them from your store.

What settings are available?

Once you install Frequently Bought Together, you’ll find two places in your store admin to manage your offers:

A separate plugin page. Here you can create, edit, or delete upsell and bundles. You can also find info about existing bundles and see how they display on the product page. 1598788347 7 Frequently Bought Together Woocommerce

Product pages. You can add, manage, or remove special offers for that particular product.1598788347 510 Frequently Bought Together Woocommerce

There is no limitation on how many products you can recommend as an upsell, and no limit on the number of bundles linked to a product.

When offering variable products as upsells, you can choose to let customers select a variation, or you can assign a specific product variation. The plugin also offers two shortcodes for displaying bundles, which can be used on any page or post including custom post types on your store.

How are the upsell product bundles displayed?

After you set up the plugin and create some special offers, and “upsell product bundles” section will display automatically on product pages. and your customers will be able to buy discounted bundles right away. If a product is available as part of several bundles, you can display the options as a list or in a carousel.1598788347 715 Frequently Bought Together Woocommerce

You can also customize the section’s appearance. Change titles, buttons, background color and style, and labels, and adjust the upsell section’s position on the page.

Frequently Bought Together Woocommerce

When a customer chooses a bundle, all products are added to the cart with a single click.

Frequently Bought Together boosts your sales and your customer satisfaction!



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