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Module for Front-end subscription

This module allow user product subscription structure for front-end. This can help users to get product subscription and admin can accept recurring payments (sage pay, PayPal, etc…).

Payment deducts automatically on every billing cycle. Before the recurring payment deduction of the order placed, we notify users through email that your payment would be deducted. For Invoicing, we use Express Checkout which enables the creation of a recurring payments profile. User will be automatically charge by PayPal.

Functionality provided from our extension:
• This module provides User Front-end Products subscription.
• User can define its own subscription terms (daily, monthly, weekly, yearly).
• Users will be billed on the cycle day.
• Users can Set the no of times cycle will run.
• User can see Subscription report.

How does it work?
Just upload our package in your project. Install the extension module. The PayPal express checkout gateway used for payment. The subscription column appears in your products. When you check or uncheck the subscription status, this will show Subscribe Now button with the products which you want to enable for this module.

Compatible with version

Extra Features:
1. Simple & easy installation.
2. The plugin don’t overwrite core files, all changes are done through vqmod script.
3. The plugin doesn’t mess the core Opencart tables, it uses its own tables, so you don’t need to worry that it can break your shop.

4. Friendly support.
Need help with Installations:
This module offers you free extension installations for first 50 purchasers (if you need it).Just submit your Order ID and store login details to our support system at Installations may take up to 24 hours.

Technical Support:
If you have any comment or suggestion, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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