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You spend and waste a significant amount (40%+ in some cases) of your Digital Advertising budget on existing customers. We offer a solution to turn those costs into savings for you and your customers! Our platform enables eCommerce brands to build direct relationships with their repeat customers using machine-learning generated discounts. Our tool identifies eligible returning customers that inflate acquisition advertising costs and persuades them to shop directly with you in exchange for discounts.

By installing the Google Ads ROI Optimizer WooCommerce plugin, you are integrating with our REST API-based SAAS platform. You’ll take advantage of the latest machine-learning technology to detect and reward loyal customers when they navigate directly to your site to shop. Plugin messaging is customizable and can be white-labeled for a frictionless experience for your customers. We use a visitor (Cookie ID) and/or user login ID identification methodology, captured by dropping a JavaScript pixel on your landing pages and transaction confirmation page, to build the most accurate user profiles. Your customers don’t need to install a plugin to unlock the savings — it works seamlessly with your shopping cart and eligible visitors/customers. The Commerce Direct SAAS platform optimizes the cost savings for you and your customers using AI/machine-learning while also allowing configurable options for how you’d like to distribute the ad cost savings.

Our tool will train your customers to shop directly on your site rather than entering through expensive, paid search channels using messaging reminders that expose the standard and direct prices for eligible repeat/existing customers. These predicted ad cost savings on your existing customers (40%+ in some cases) can provide significant financial rewards for you and incentivize your customers to continue shopping on your site directly going forward.

Minimum installation requirements:

Note that the Google Search Ads spend requirement for effective use of this plugin is $2,000 per month in order to ensure the AI/machine-learning process works properly. This volume requirement enables us to generate a statistically significant model in our system for the most accurate prediction results. There should be at least 15% repeat customers to your eCommerce site coming from your Google Ads traffic/spend to make the tool worthwhile in reducing your ad spend and materially distributing it to those repeat customers to change their behavior. This tool is designed to maximize ad cost savings for you and your repeat/existing customers. Please read the documentation steps closely to ensure a successful installation.

How its works?

Once the plugin is installed and our SAAS platform has captured the necessary data, the plugin will automatically identify, analyze, and generate a portion of the predicted ad cost as a discount for eligible customers using AI/machine learning. (Those that frequently arrive via search ads to shop on the site.) Below we illustrate the sequence and UI of the plugin the visitor will see when eligible and qualified, and they subsequently land on the cart page to make a purchase. Once all discounts are exhausted, the visitor will be asked to continue shopping directly with you for future discounts that may be available.

If the visitor is qualified but ineligible, (in other words, our system identifies the visitor as a frequent shopper entering through search ads) the plugin will expose the standard price and direct price, which cannot be redeemed on that visit, so that visitor can remember for the next time.

If the visitor is not qualified and ineligible (in other words, our system cannot identify the visitor as eligible for a discount because they already shop direct or via other channels, or cannot be accurately predicted), then the visitor will not see the plugin at all and the standard cart/checkout pricing and the process will present itself.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

Cut your ad spend while boosting customer loyalty with ML/AI-generated discounts.

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