Gravity Forms – SMTP 1.0-rc-2

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Gravity Forms – SMTP 1.0-rc-2 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Gravity Forms – SMTP 1.0-rc-2

What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is the standard protocol used for sending emails over the internet.

What is Gravity Forms – SMTP 1.0-rc-2?

Gravity Forms – SMTP 1.0-rc-2 is a plugin for the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin that allows you to send emails using an SMTP server instead of the default PHP mail function.

Why would I want to use SMTP with Gravity Forms?

Using SMTP with Gravity Forms can help improve email deliverability and ensure that your emails are not marked as spam by recipient email servers.

How do I install Gravity Forms – SMTP 1.0-rc-2?

You can install Gravity Forms – SMTP 1.0-rc-2 by downloading the plugin from the official WordPress plugin repository and then uploading it to your WordPress website. You can also install it directly from the WordPress dashboard by searching for “Gravity Forms – SMTP 1.0-rc-2” in the plugin directory.

How do I configure Gravity Forms – SMTP 1.0-rc-2?

Once you have installed the plugin, you can configure it by going to the Gravity Forms settings page in the WordPress dashboard. You will need to enter the settings for your SMTP server, including the host, port, username, password, and encryption method.

Can I use Gravity Forms – SMTP 1.0-rc-2 with any SMTP server?

Yes, Gravity Forms – SMTP 1.0-rc-2 is compatible with any SMTP server that supports authentication and encryption. You will need to enter the appropriate settings for your specific SMTP server in the plugin configuration.

Is Gravity Forms – SMTP 1.0-rc-2 compatible with the latest version of Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms – SMTP 1.0-rc-2 is designed to work with the latest version of Gravity Forms, but it is always a good idea to check for compatibility before updating either plugin.

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