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Integrate Formidable Forms with your HubSpot account with the HubSpot WordPress plugin. Add and update Contacts in your HubSpot CRM account from the data submitted from your WordPress forms.

Get a Free HubSpot Account

You can send data to any custom property in HubSpot. Custom properties allow you to save extra data that isn’t standard in HubSpot.

Download and Install

  1. If you haven’t already done so, install and activate Formidable Forms Pro.
  2. In your WordPress admin, go to Formidable → Add-Ons and click the Install button for the HubSpot WordPress plugin.

Setup Formidable for HubSpot Forms

Get a HubSpot API key

  1. Generate an API key by following the instructions in the HubSpot docs.
  2. Go to the WordPress dashboard on the Formidable → Global Settings → HubSpot tab.
  3. Paste your HubSpot API key on this page and click the Update button to save your settings.
    Hubspot Forms Api Key Settings
  4. You’re all set to create HubSpot forms.

Use Private App Access Token

Private app access token is another way to get authenticated. The API key is for Public apps, while the access token is for Private apps. Learn more about HubSpot Private Apps.

To integrate with HubSpot using a Private app access token, follow the steps below:

  1. Click to toggle Authenticate Using a Private App Access Token.
    Hubspot Forms Private App Access Token
  2. Paste your HubSpot Private App Access Token on this page.
  3. Click the Update button to save your settings.

Setup HubSpot form settings

Now that your WordPress site is connected to HubSpot, it’s time to create your HubSpot forms.

  1. If you haven’t already created a form to collect contacts, create a form now.
  2. Go to edit the form you will be linking to HubSpot. Go to the Settings → Actions & Notifications tab for this form and click on the HubSpot icon.

    Hubspot Forms Api Setup

  3. This will give you the mapping settings for your HubSpot form. The HubSpot forms plugin will automatically fetch all the fields. Be sure to select a form field for each required HubSpot field.

    Hubspot Forms Wordpress Mapping

    If you haven’t already added your API key, you can also add it here.

    Hubspot Forms Api Setup

  4. Save the changes and submit an entry in your form. After submitting an entry, you should see a new contact listed in HubSpot.

Linking to a checkbox or radio field

When linking to a checkbox or radio field in Hubspot, the saved value in the field must be identical to the internal value in Hubspot.
Hubspot Forms Checkbox Radio Internal Value

Using custom properties

When using custom properties in HubSpot, they will only appear in the Hubspot form action list if they have been added to the Contact Information group. If it is under a different group, you can do the following:

  1. Go to your HubSpot account and click to edit the custom property details.
  2. In the Basic Info tab, select Contact Information from the Group dropdown field.
    Hubspot Forms Custom Property Group
  3. In the Field type tab, select the checkbox that says Use in forms, and bots.
    Hubspot Forms Custom Property Group Show
  4. Go to your form Settings → Actions & Notifications and click on the HubSpot form action. Click the Clear Cache button to reset the list options.


  • The Hubspot add-on doesn’t currently support two-way sync. The information is one-way from Formidable to Hubspot.
  • File URLs can be passed to HubSpot, but the files are not sent.
  • Currently, HubSpot API doesn’t support listing the company lists.


No options in the form action

When a HubSpot form action is added, it should include a dropdown filled with all the possible HubSpot lists. If this dropdown is empty, there might be a connection error between your site and HubSpot.

  1. Go to the Formidable → Global Settings page and click the Update button. Do you see an error message about your HubSpot API key?
  2. If the API key is correct, and no error messages appear, return to the HubSpot form action and click the Clear Cache button.
  3. Install the Formidable Logs plugin from the Formidable → Add-Ons page to check for any error messages. After installing, you will find your logged form actions on the Formidable → Logs page. Click on any logged action to see more detail.

Missing lists in form action

Every list may not show in the form action settings. There are a couple reasons why a list may be missing.

  1. The list was created after Formidable last fetched them. Click the Clear Cache button to reset the list options.
  2. The list is not set as a static list. HubSpot does not allow new contacts to be added to active/dynamic lists.

Missing entries in the form

If the leads are showing up in your HubSpot account, but the entries are missing from your Formidable form, you might have the HubSpot native plugin installed on your site. You can choose to disable this plugin entirely and only use Formidable Hubspot or go to your HubSpot account settings to disable collecting data from non-HubSpot forms.
Hubspot Forms Missing Entries

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