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Icon Generator has hundreds of individual icon pages what can be found and indexed by search engines. This script allows people to customize icons from the FontAwesome icon set and download them in PNG format to use in their websites, applications and projects. All icons have their views and download statistics saved so icons can be sorted by views, downloads and popular on the index page. This script is lightweight and doesn’t require you to create a database.



  • Hundreds of indexable pages
  • SEO friendly urls
  • All major browser support (Browsers that support ES6) (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge)
  • No excessive use of libraries
  • Modern flat design
  • Mobile responsive


  • PHP 5.4+
  • Apache .htaccess (mod_rewrite)
  • file_get_contents & file_put_contents enabled


v1.0 [22.11.2017]
- initial release
- fixed double slash url bug
- fixed minor mistake in default icon form settings

v1.1 [27.11.2017]
- removed second i tag from the icon listings and removed i tags inside form labels, both are now using CSS content: attr() to remove unnecessary HTML.
- icon generator JavaScript is now 43% smaller by adding reusable element functions.
- added border settings panel (size, opacity, color)
- documentation removed, this script now has an installation page on first upload.
- added .htaccess rewrite rule to block direct access to includes directory files.
- added website version which gets appended to resource urls (helps clear cache on update).
- revised all code (PHP, JavaScript, CSS).
- small price increase because of quality improvements.

v1.2 [15.05.2022]
- updated FontAwesome version to v6.0 (+900 icons).
- slightly altered icons.json and main.php files to make FontAwesome v6.0 compatible.
- added number_format to count in hero.
- added active class to background settings panel HTML.
- removed google+ link from footer.

v2.0 [27.06.2023]
- rebuilt the installation script.
- revised & improved code in all PHP/HTML/JS/CSS files.
- most PHP code is now located in the main class file.
- all JS code is now in a single file (code reduced by 63%).
- stats file now stores as array instead of object (smaller file size).
- replaced logo image with text based logo.
- added active class to sort options.
- updated hero and canvas images to be scalable vectors.
- updated font awesome to v6.4.0 (+281 icons).
- icon preview now indicates the icon is being resized.
- added pentagon background shape.
- added background border radius, icon angle & icon offset options.
- changed CSS font sizes to rem for better responsiveness.
- the PHP GD library is no longer required to be installed.

v2.0 [16.10.2023]
- added extra load event for Safari browsers (safari browsers below safari 10 can't use loadingdone event).

v2.1 [05.12.2023]
- fixed slightly off sort options padding.
- added coloris color picker as default.

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