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Do you like the iPhone?
but don’t want to switch from android to iPhone.
No worries, Simply download this free iOS Launcher 17 app on your Android phone, and this app can give a similar experience as an iPhone or real iOS phone on your Android device.
This Launcher gives the iPhone theme for Android devices.

iOS Launcher 17, Features That Redefine Your Android Experience:

  • Home Screen Customization:
  • Organize your apps with ease! Arrange, group into folders, and move them across screens seamlessly. Simply touch and hold an app icon, then drag it to your preferred spot.

  • iOS Folder Style:
  • In Launcher – iOS Launcher , you can drag and drop the app to another app to create a folder. The folder is design like iOS interface with rounded content area and blur effect behind. If you have a lot of apps, and want to Group them then you can put your related apps in folders.

  • App Library:
  • App Library is a new way to organize your apps same as real iPhone or iOS devices. Your apps are automatically sorted into categories. For example, Games, Finance, Social, News etc. but if you want your apps in index that also available simpley click on search and all installed app will appear in a list with alphabatically index search.

  • Widgets:
  • Battery Widget, Photos Widget

  • Quick Search:
  • Instantly access a quick search by tapping the search button—simplicity at your fingertips.

  • iPhone 17 style
  • Simple, clean user interface
  • Amazing and minimal design
  • Fully step by step documentation
  • Easy to re-skin
  • Beautiful and professional looking design
  • Super lightweight application


  • Android Studio 2023.1.1.27
  • Gradle 8.2.1
  • Android SDK 34

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Download Demo

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