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Krokedil Wishlist WooCommerce plugin enables customers to bookmark their favorite products for later purchase or for sharing lists with colleagues and friends.

Bookmark now buy later

Sometimes customers check out products with the intent of making the actual purchase at a later date. With Krokedil Wishlist both guest users and logged in users can bookmark their favorite products and return at a later time to complete the purchase.

Share with friends

Sometimes customers might want to create a wishlist to share with friends, perhaps before their birthday or a wedding. By making a list of public, wishlists can be shared with others.

Collaborate with colleagues

In B2B stores, customers from the same company might want the ability to share and edit one another’s lists. With the Share by meta key feature in the plugin, logged in users that have the same value in the user meta key specified in the settings will be able to see and edit each other’s lists.


With Krokedil Wishlist you can:

  • Enable wishlists for all users or only logged in users.
  • Offer a single wishlist to your users or allow them to create as many wishlists as they want.
  • Show/hide Add to wishlist icon on the shop page.
  • Show/hide Add to wishlist icon on a single product page.
  • Customize the colors of the Add to wishlist icon.
  • Customize the color of buttons and graphical elements.
  • Customize the wishlist table columns.
  • Customize the Add to wishlist text.
  • Select if the icon should be a heart or a star.

With Krokedil Wishlist your customers can:

  • Make their wishlists as public or private. (Someone with the unique URL can view the list.)
  • Add a variable product or a specific product variant to the wishlist.
  • Add one or several wishlist items to cart from the wishlist page.

A few other things worth mentioning:

  • Guest user wishlist items will be stored in a cookie.
  • Logged in user wishlists are stored in the database, making it easy for your customers to share wishlist items between their devices.
  • If a guest user logs in, the items stored in the cookie will be saved to the database.
  • Wishlists can be displayed from a page specified in the settings and via a new section in My account (for logged in users).
  • Possibility to share lists between users with a specific user meta key/value.
  • Possibility to customize the wishlist endpoint.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6


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