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LaraGallery – Image Gallery Script enables you to create your own Online Photo Gallery website easily!


Image Gallery Script Features

Unlimited number of galleries added easily to any page with just a shortcode (like wordpress)

Upload multiple photos at once either from local drive (your computer) or remote URL.

Shortcode Example: [lara_gallery id=”10”] it’s as simple as that to show your image gallery with this script.

Sort the order of images inside a gallery with the simple drag-and-drop positioning feature.

Fully customize your design colours with the easy to use colour manager. Keep it original as per your liking!

Configure SEO aspects like Title, Description, Keywords, etc.

Built-in Content Management System lets you create pages containing galleries, text, images or whatever you may think of!
Basic WYSIWYG Editor Included

Manage Navigation Items (links) by adding as many pages and external links as you need.
You can also sort the menu items by drag and drop as well.

Private Site Option membership allows you to lock your site to be viewable by only registered users ( you can enable or disable this feature )

Set Restrictions country based restrictions can be set so only the ones you are interested in can view the site.
Also you can ban IP addresses separately.

Responsive Twitter Bootstrap 3 powered so your visitors can access your photo gallery website from any device like mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop.

Lightbox Open images in a nice responsive lightbox.

Social Sharing Share, Tweet, Pin options built inside the lightbox.

Contact page let people get in touch with you via the contact form. All messages will go to your setup contact email.

SEO Friendly URL structure which keeps your site crawlable and searchable by Google,Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Admin Panel let’s you control every aspect of your online image gallery script.
– Go to Admin Panel Overview

You’re in good hands with Crivion


  • apache mod_rewrite
  • IMPORTANT: PHP >= 5.5.9
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • PHP FileInfo extension
  • Domain or subdomain, no subfolders please

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