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Linkedin Email Scrapping Tool – FAQ

What is the Linkedin Email Scrapping Tool?

The Linkedin Email Scrapping Tool is a software or application that helps users to extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles in an automated way.

Is it legal to use a Linkedin Email Scrapping Tool?

The legalities of using a Linkedin Email Scrapping Tool depend on the terms of service of LinkedIn and the data protection laws in your jurisdiction. It’s important to review and comply with the terms and laws to ensure the tool is being used ethically and legally.

How does the Linkedin Email Scrapping Tool work?

The tool typically works by searching for LinkedIn profiles based on specific criteria (such as industry, job title, location, etc.) and then extracting email addresses from those profiles. It can use various techniques, such as web scraping, to collect the data.

What are the potential uses of the Linkedin Email Scrapping Tool?

The tool can be used for lead generation, email marketing, networking, recruitment, and other legitimate business purposes.

Are there any risks associated with using a Linkedin Email Scrapping Tool?

Using a scrapping tool on LinkedIn can violate their terms of service and may result in account suspension or legal consequences. Additionally, using the collected email addresses for spam or illegal activities can result in severe penalties.

How can I ensure that I use the tool ethically and legally?

It’s important to review and comply with the terms of service of LinkedIn, as well as the data protection laws in your jurisdiction. Additionally, obtaining consent from the individuals whose email addresses you are extracting is crucial for ethical and legal use.

What is Linkedin Email Scrapping Tool?

Linkedin Email Extractor – Software can Extract Email from Linkedin Profile using below feature

  • Software Search Linkedin Email from Multiple Search Engine : Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Software Search Linkedin Email with User Defined Keyword
  • Software Search Linkedin Email From All country Search Engine.
  • If you face issue , please email us at

Project Requirement

  • Window operation System
  • Ineternet Explorar version atleast 11.0
  • Microsoft Excel

Getting Started

After Registration License , Start Software, software start with below screen


  • Now you can Search Using below parameter.
    • Keyword : Any Keyword like Jobs,Sales.
    • Location : this option is optional but you can write any location .
    • Search Engin : You can Scrap Linkedin Email from mutlipe Search Engine: Google , Yahoo, Bing .
    • Country : Select Country of Email you want to Scrap Email
  • Click on Search Button, All Detail with Email(Gmail, HotMail, Yohoo Mail), Title , Description, Linkedin Profile Link is fetched and show in Table .
  • You can Export All Details in Multiple Format : Excel, CSV , And Text Format.

  • This Software Also have VPN Setting if you have VPN Then you can Add

  • Click on Setting Icon on Top Bar , LINKEDIN EMAIL SCRAPPING TOOL - 3 ,
    You can do VPN Setup here. Also can Change Data Export Format , Excel, CSV,Text Format.

    Software Support Multiple Language , Can Change Desired Language.


Installation Process

  • You will Recieve only Software. Code is not Included
  • Single Computer Licence only, now swaping licence after activate software licence
  • After Purchase Product Codecanyon Purchase code is software Licence code

    if you face issue please email

    you can check what is Purchase Code from this link :
  • After i Confirm your purchase Code , Please Unzip Main File and Run LinkedinEmailExtractor.exe and Register your Licence as per below Screen.

    • Licence Email : Registered Email.
    • Registration Code : Evanto Purchase Code.
    • After Registration you can Use Software.

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