Lyrical.Ly Video Status – Android Source Code

Lyrical.Ly Video Status – Android Source Code

Lyrical.Ly Video Status – Android Source Code


Lyrical.Ly Video Status is an Android application that allows users to create and share short video statuses with music and lyrics. The source code for this app is available for developers who want to customize and build their own version of the app.


The Lyrical.Ly Video Status app comes with several features, including:

  • Creating short video status with music and lyrics
  • Editing videos with filters and effects
  • Sharing videos with friends and followers
  • Discovering trending and popular videos

Source Code

The source code for the Lyrical.Ly Video Status app is written in Java and XML, making it compatible with Android Studio. Developers can access the source code to customize the app’s features, design, and functionality to create their own unique version of the app.


Developers can use the Lyrical.Ly Video Status source code to create their own video status app with personalized features and design. The source code provides a foundation for building a social media app centered around short video content.


The Lyrical.Ly Video Status app source code offers developers an opportunity to create their own customized version of the popular video status app. With its features and functionality, developers can build a unique social media app for sharing music and lyric-driven short videos.

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Lyrical Video with Music – is an best animated video status maker app You can apply simple steps to create for your video with beautiful and attractive animated effects. This app has something new unique concept you can make lyrical video status of your own beautiful photos.

How to make My Lyrical Video Status for Social Media..?

❤ Choose your Favourite Mp3 Song from our audio(mp3) collection
❤ Pick your beautiful images from Gallery/Media
❤ Arrange all selected image by long press images
❤ Select audio song for you video
❤ Easy to use and user friendly UI.
❤ Add cool Stickers, Text(change color,font style,Size)
❤ Choose your favourite lyrical Background color
❤ select your favourite lyrics text color & font style
❤ Preview your creation
❤ You can also share and delete your created video which are saved in my Creation by your choice.

Demo Apk Link :

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