Office HR Pro (Live Employee Tracking App + Web Admin Panel)

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App Overview:


App Features:

⏱ Auto employee location taking – App will get the auto location of the employee

⏱ Employee Attendance – Admin can check employee attendance status.

✔️ Employee Location Tracking – Admin can track employee

‍‍✔️ Employee route movement Detail – Admin can check employee movement

✔️ Leader Board – Employees will get points as per office attendance.

✔️ Task Control – Admin can assign a task to employees and employees can submit a task with attachment.

✔️ Leave Management – Admin can manage employee leave

✔️ Reports – Attendance Report and Leave Reports.

✔️ Multiple Company – One Admin can manage multiple businesses with strong database and smooth accessing

✔️ Notice Board – Easily send notices to all worker or individually to departments anytime from anywhere

✔️ User-Friendly App – We designed this app after researching UX/UI for months and developed using the latest tech tools for better user experience

✔️ Multi-Platform Usage – Manage your field service operations through mobile app also Field employees can work with the mobile app.

Web Features:

⏱ Dashboard – Admin can see the total status on the dashboard

⏱ Employee Attendance – Admin can view employee attendance.

⏱ Leave manage – Admin can manage leave from web

✔️ You Will Get:

1. Full react native expo source code

2. Backend API project(

3. Web ( Angular 8 )

4. Database script

5. App and API with full documentation

6. Web with full documentation

✔️ Tools Required :

1. VS Code

2. Visual Studio 2015

3. MS SQL Server

✔️ Hosting and Account Required :

1. Windows Hosting

2. Framework 4.6.1

3. Play Store Account

4. Expo Account


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