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PHP Account Generator Script by JosephShenton

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Php Account Generator Script

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This provides an entire template to make an account generator for your self. There is also a preset database included. There is also a “READEME.TXT” file in there so you know how to install it. I only included a few screenshots because there was 100 screenshots

  • Giftcodes
  • Admin Panel
  • Custom Packages
  • Custom Generators
  • Added Up to 100K Accounts at a time
  • Easy Statistics
  • Non working account reporter
  • Semi-Automatic Purchase System
  • Easy to customise
  • Uncrackable Password Encryption

  • PHP Enabled WebServer
  • MySQL Enabled WebServer
  • Little bit of HTML knowledge
  • (Not Required But Makes Life Easier) Sublime Text

  • Step 1. Open “template_database.sql”
  • Step 2. Go to
  • Step 3. Once on the site put the password you want for the admin account into the field that says “String to encrypt”.
  • Step 4. Once done press “Hash!” and copy the string it gives you.
  • Step 5. Go back to “template_database.sql” and find the username “admin”.
  • Step 6. You will see a bunch of random characters like the string you just copied.
  • Step 7. Replace the string you just found with the string you just copied.
  • Step 8. Open PHPMyAdmin or whatever you use to manage MySQL databases.
  • Step 9. Make a new database and name it whatever you want.
  • Step 10. Once you have made the database, find the file called “DB.php” it should be in the directory “php/classes/”.
  • Step 11. Open “DB.php”.
  • Step 12. Find “mysqlhost” and replace with “” if you are on localhost. If you are not on localhost find your hosts MySQL server url and replace “mysqlhost” with that.
  • Step 13. Find “generator_database” and replace with the database name you just created.
  • Step 14. Find “generator_database_user” and replace with “root” if you are using localhost. If you aren’t using localhost is is usually your cPanel’s username.
  • Step 15. Find “generator_database_user_password” and replace with your mysql password. Which on localhost is usually blank. If you aren’t on localhost you it is usually you cPanel username’s password.
  • Step 16. Save “DB.php”.
  • Step 17. Now this is why I said to download Sublime Text because there are a lot of files you need to change and Sublime Text 3 can change the easily at once. So what you want to do is if you are using Sublime Text 3 you want to open “template.sublime-project” then press “CTRL + SHIFT + F” or on Mac “CMD + SHIFT + F” then type in the “Find” box “Generator Template” then in the “Replace” box type in the name of your generator.
  • Step 18. Press Replace, then it will ask you to “Replace 33 occurrences across 12 files.” Press Replace again.
  • Step 19. You now need to go into PHPMyAdmin or whatever you use to manage MySQL database and find where you put SQL queries, if you are using PHPMyAdmin you want to press “SQL”, now you want to open “template_database.sql” again and copy all the text in it so “CTRL + A” or on Mac “CMD + A” then press “CTRL + C” or on Mac “CMD + C” then go back to PHPMyAdmin and in the textbox press “CTRL + V” or on Mac “CMD + V”.
  • Step 20. Now press “go”.
  • Step 21. You have now setup Generator Template. You should now be able to login with the username “admin” and the password you set.
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