PHP Licenser Script and Updates Manager

Php Licenser Script And Updates Manager

PHP Licenser Script and Updates Manager Overview

LicenseBox is a full-fledged licenser and updates manager for PHP applications, WordPress plugins or themes, etc. With easy installation, minimum server requirement, and usage in unlimited scripts, it amazingly paves the way to your imagination.

LicenseBox comprises two parts – the main script (admin-panel) which is to be installed on your own server and a single helper file which is to be included in your PHP application. If you want you can also easily access the API using any programming language. LicenseBox comes packed with integration examples and sample codes, it also has an in-built API helper file generator for easy integration in your applications.

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Manage Licensing And Update Distribution Of Your Products With Licensebox.
Licensebox Is A Top Rated Licensing Solution In Use By Many Famous Envato Authors.
Sample Wordpress Plugin Included With Both License And Update Management Systems.
Licensebox Offers Automatic Domain/Ip Blacklisting For Your Products.
Built With Codeigniter Which Ensures We Use The Best Coding Standards.

LicenseBox Features:

Top Rated Licensing Solution

LicenseBox is one of the top-rated licensing solutions which is in use by many famous Envato authors and Freelancers.

Manage to license your products

Easily manage to license of your products concomitant with automated license, support, updates expiry email notifications.

Manage update distribution of your products

Manage updates for your products and easily release new updates in a single click from your admin panel.

Lock licenses to domains/IPs

Restrict activations of your products to a list of licensed domains/IPs.

Serve updates only when the license is valid

Allow update downloading only when the user has a valid license activated.

Full PHP Licensing solution

Bundled with a powerful API, code examples, and samples. LicenseBox is a feature-rich PHP license system.

Comes packed with a Powerful API

Packed with a powerful and well-documented restful API that you can access using any programming language.

Full Envato API Support

It provides full support for Envato purchase codes out of the box and it automatically populates the license data from Envato, a must-have feature for Envato Authors.

Sample WordPress Plugin Included

Comes packed with a sample WordPress plugin with both licensing and updates management features implemented.

Automatic Domain/IP Blacklisting

It offers automated domain or IP address based host blacklisting on failed activations of your products.

API Helper File Generator

In-built API helper file generator for easy integration with your PHP based applications. Simply include the helper class and call functions.

Fully Multi-lingual API

LicenseBox API has full multi-language support making it easier for you to use it in your multi-lingual products.

Cron Scripts Included

Automate sending of email notifications and keep your Envato purchase codes in sync with Envato API using in-built cron scripts.

Code Samples and Examples Included

It comprises of simple & easy to use sample installer, updater, activator, and deactivator PHP scripts & sample WordPress plugin.

Supports Custom Integrations

Easily extend and control LicenseBox using the internal API for creating licenses & products from your OMS or payment system.

Built with CodeIgniter

LicenseBox is built using CodeIgniter, one of the most trusted PHP frameworks – following all the best security standards.

Buy Once and use in all of your products

Adaptive to varied applications. Buy once and use it in all of your applications.



  • PHP 5.6 or later, PHP 7 Recommended
  • MySQL/MariaDB 5.6 or later
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Curl PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension



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