Polarismail Business E-Mail

PolarisMail Business E-mail

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Polarismail Business class e-mail

Offer professional e-mail accounts to your users by becoming a white-label reseller of our services. We offer flawless deliverability of e-mails through our great IP reputation. Your customer’s e-mails are guaranteed to land in the recipient’s Inbox.

Mailbox Features

  • Dynamic storage space. Assign as much as 100GB per mailbox or 1GB, depending on your needs
  • Premium spam & virus filtering
  • Aliases, forwards, extensions, vacation message, custom delivery rules
  • Application Passwords
  • Last access information
  • 30 daily snapshots of archived mailbox data
  • 30 daily snapshots of incoming e-mails gateway
  • POP3/SMTP/IMAP/Webmail
  • Clean & monitored IP Space
  • White Label

How it works

We have been in the business of e-mail hosting for more than 10 years. Our infrastructure is enterprise-class and entirely owned by us. All customer data is stored on redundant hardware and backed up daily.

Our service is fully accessible via our WHMCS module which connects to our public API in order to:

  • Add, remove, enable or disable mailboxes
  • Update passwords and quota
  • Add, remove aliases
  • Add, remove distribution lists
  • Add, remove forwards
  • Login to the User Panel
  • Login to Webmail

How do I start ?

Visit to fill in the form and find out the details of our Reseller Program.

The next step is to sign up for a free trial on our website and explore our professional email hosting services. Once you are signed up, you can install the WHMCS module, enter your credentials and get started!

A detailed WHMCS setup guide is available on our website: -guide

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