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Send Form Notifications with Postmark

The Gravity Forms Postmark Add-On enables you to easily send your form notifications via the Postmark email service as well as take advantage of additional email features within Postmark. These include the ability to track form notification data, such as if a notification has been opened.

Reliable Delivery

If you are looking for a reliable transactional email service, then Postmark is for you. By routing email notifications through a dedicated service like Postmark, reliance on your web server is entirely eliminated, and you can rest assured that your emails will reach your customers.

Time and again we see email notifications that are sent by web servers marked as spam or blocked entirely. With a dedicated email service like Postmark, your email notifications are more reliable than ever!

Email Tracking

Need to know who’s actually getting and reading your form notifications? The Gravity Forms Postmark Add-On fully supports email tracking to keep you in the loop and give you a clear understanding of how your notifications are performing.

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