Postpoint Facebook Auto Post Scheduler

Postpoint Facebook Auto Post Scheduler

Postpoint Facebook Auto Post Scheduler is an online marketing tool auto posting web application that allows you to auto-post to Facebook, schedule, and manage your Facebook accounts at the same time. Postpoint helps you save time managing multiple Facebook accounts.


Postprint provides you these features and options:

  • Modern, easy-to-use, mobile responsive UI
  • Multi-User system
  • Super Easy and simple installation
  • Super Easy user interface
  • Ability to create new and custom roles
  • Post Now Schedule posts
  • Multi Facebook Accounts Users profile (Display useful information to the admin)
  • Automatically post Photos, Videos, Stories, and Albums
  • Complete user registration and login system
  • Multi-Language system
  • Emoji Support
  • Statistics
  • Create categories to store your groups/pages
  • Export groups IDs to CSV file
  • Media library: Upload and Keeping all of your photos, videos for future use
  • Facebook post live preview before posting
  • Upload Video to Facebook from Youtube video link
  • Ability to use the personal Facebook application
  • Ability to use the multi Facebook application in the same account
  • Packages Subscription
  • Secure Password Hashing
  • PNG support
  • Caption templates
  • Facebook Activities insights
  • No Facebook app ID / Secret needed
  • Schedule Calendar
  • 4 Post type Status, Links, Images
  • Supports Facebook Status backgrounds
  • Automatic timezone and language detection
  • Advanced user and package control options
  • Supports Scheduled & instant posts
  • Save post: saving Posts for future use
  • Drag and Drop media upload
  • Autoload Facebook Groups / Pages from Facebook Account
  • Each user can use his/her own Facebook application
  • Supports Facebook API latest version
  • Auto pause scheduled to post after a number of posts and auto-resume after a specified time
  • Auto-repeat schedules: Auto-repeat the schedule every day or every two days or even every month
  • Unique post adding a unique ID to the post status/message and to the link
  • Postprint is easy to install and has a mobile responsive design, so it will maintain its look even when viewed using mobile devices.

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