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Add like buttons to every product in your WooCommerce store – just like on social networks with Product Likes WooCommerce Plugin!

Users can like products from product pages, category pages, and more. They can see previously-liked items while browsing and in their account settings. You can even enable likes for users who aren’t logged in.


We’re all familiar with liking things on social networks. This extension adds liking functionality to WooCommerce products, which is useful for both shoppers and store owners. The liking functionality lets shoppers keep a list of their liked products for future purchases — they can view and purchase their liked products while browsing or in their account settings, increasing the likelihood of sales and return customers.


Your shoppers can:

  • Like (or unlike) any product
  • See the total number of likes a product has
  • View all previously-liked items

And as the store owner, you can:

  • Decide where likes are displayed
  • Allow non-logged in visitors to like products
  • Enable Product Likes on shoppers’ “My Account” page

Also includes various filters to use for custom development.

Choose from different icons for a “Like” button that matches your store and brand:

  • Heart Like Button
  • Thumb Like Button
  • Displays Likes Within My Account

Full Settings List

  • Enable Product Likes: Enables product likes across your store. (Make sure you also enable at least one of the display options below to see the buttons.)
  • Enable If Not Logged In: Allows visitors without an account to like products. They’ll see their likes on products for 30 days or until they clear their cookies. Likes by logged-our visitors will still count towards the total number of product likes.
  • Enable In Account: Adds a section within the user’s account listing the products the customer has previously liked.
  • Show On Product Pages: Shows a product like a button on individual product pages.
  • Show On Product Archive Pages: Shows a product like a button on each product in an archive page (e.g., shop page, product categories, etc.).
  • Show Total Likes: Shows the total number of likes, if a product has been liked at least once.
  • Icon: Icon type used for product likes, Heart/Thumb/None.
  • Enable Styles: Adds styles to product likes. If disabled, this removes all styles from product likes including the icon chosen. This option should only be disabled if you wish to style the product likes yourself with CSS.
  • Various Filters: Use our included filters to change like the text to another string.

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