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Product Question - Magento Extension

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This Product Question extension allows customers to ask questions directly on a specific product page. You can, as an administrator, answer those questions and show a list of related and frequently asked questions for reference by future customers on product page. From that, potentail customers can eliminate their doubts about your products and become your actual customers.



On the frontend

  • Let potential customers ask questions directly on the product page. It is a good way for customers to eliminate their doubts. Also, this feature helps customers make an assurance that your product will fulfill their requirements.
  • Allows you to enable a captcha security code, helping you guarantee no spammer can destroy your store.
  • Keeps customers notified through email when their questions are answered.
  • Show related questions and answers as a FAQ section in the product detail page.
    Your potential customers can refer to previous questions asked by other visitors and get the answers to those questions. This function is based on the idea of saving customers their search time and avoiding any repeated questions.
  • Allow customers to place ratings for each question.
  • Provide a user-friendly interface.
    Simply by clicking a link on the product page or filling the existing form under every item, customer’s questions can be asked and the replies are also shown on the same page.

Backend Features

  • Allows admin to choose the status for customer’s questions including “private” or “public”. 
    You can choose to make a question private; that means other visitors cannot see this question and the answer given by you.
  • Ability to create more questions and add relevant answers to different product sections, then making a comprehensive knowledgebase for your items in particular and your Magento store in general.
  • Display questions and answers in product edit page.
  • Questions submitted by customers need to be reviewed, answered, and approved or rejected. If approved, the question can then be set to be viewed as private or public.
  • Configurable to show the product question form in the product page or in a separate page.
  • Enable or disable the “Ask Your Own Question” form on the front end.
    In case you don’t want your customers to ask questions about your products, you can disable this function in your admin panel.
  • Ability to turn on / off captcha.
  • Customizable email notifications.



  • Full sourcecode
  • FREE Installation
  • Installation User Guide
  • 6 months free support
  • Lifetime update



  • Magento CE 1.5 – 1.9
  • PHP 5+


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