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Product Sales Count WooCommerce Plugin allows you to display the Product Sales Count in the Shop, Category, Tag, and Single Product Pages in your WooCommerce Shop.

You can also choose to display the Sales Count for a particular time duration. Some of the examples for displaying the Custom Duration Sales Count include,

  •  25 Items Sold in the Last 1 Day(s)
  • 100 Items Sold in the Last 1 Week(s)
  •  250 Items Sold in the Last 1 Month


  • Displaying the Product Sales Count helps your users to know the popularity of the product which in-turn will drive them to purchase the products.
  • Displaying the Custom Duration Sales Count for a popular product can create a sense of urgency to your users(Product may go out of stock) which forces them to purchase immediately.


  • Sales Count can be displayed in 6 Positions in Single Product Page
  • Option for the admin to optionally hide the Sales Count for particular products
  • Option to hide the Sales Count if the Sales is less than a specified value
  • Option to hide the Sales Count for out of stock products
  • The sales Count for each product will be displayed on the Product Configuration page for the Admin
  • Shortcode Generator for displaying the Sales Count of any product
  • Sales Count notice font color, size, and background color can be customized
  • Sales Count message can be customized
  • Translation Ready

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