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The Quiz Maker plugin allows you to create and answer key and automatically score quizzes. These online quizzes are great for online courses, teachers who would like to go paperless, and more.

Download and install

  1. If you haven’t already done so, install and activate Formidable Forms Pro.
  2. In your WordPress admin, go to Formidable → Add-Ons and click the Install button for the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin.

How to make a quiz

  1. First, create a form the same way as other Formidable forms. Drag and drop in the fields you need and add any options you would like. To make a multiple choice quiz, include dropdown or radio fields in the quiz form.
  2. Add a Quiz Score field into your form.
    Quiz Maker Quiz Field Type
    This field is listed on the form builder page at the bottom of the sidebar with the regular field types. Save the form.
    Quiz Maker Add Quiz Field
  3. If you would like the quiz taker to see their score immediately after submission, include the shortcode for the Quiz Score field in the form success message found in the form Settings → General Form Settings page. See the options below to display the quiz score.Quiz Maker Display Quiz Score Message
  4. Click on Entries in the top nav, and then the Add new button.
    Quiz Maker Display Add Quiz Score
    Add an entry to your quiz form with all the correct answers. The quiz field will appear in your form, so you can check the box to set it as the answer key.
    Quiz Maker Set Answer Key
    If there is already an answer key set, the quiz field will not appear in the form. If you’re not sure which entry is set as the answer key, it can also be found on the Settings page for this form.
    Quiz Maker Select Entry Settings
  5. Your quiz form is now ready to start collecting and automatically grading quizzes. When a quiz is created or updated, the score will be saved in the Quiz Score field in that entry.

Scoring a quiz

Scoring a quiz is done automatically by comparing it to the entry selected as the quiz key. Each field is worth one point. The following field types are excluded from the scoring:

  • User ID field
  • Hidden field
  • Rich text field
  • File upload fields
  • Signature fields

Single line text and Paragraph fields do not require an exact answer to be correct. The answer included in the quiz key must be included in the answer to be considered correct. For example, if the correct response is “today”, answers like “It is Today” will be accepted.

Display the quiz score

By default, the quiz score is displayed as the fraction of correct answers (ie “9/10”). The formatting options are listed below. In these examples, replace ‘x’ with the ID or field key of the Quiz Score field in the form. You can use these examples in a View, Email Notification, success message, or other Formidable contexts where field shortcodes work.

  • Fraction correct (default). Example: 9/10
  • Correct answer count. Example: 9
    Usage in a view, email, or success message:
    [x show=total]
  • Percentage correct. Example: 90%
    [x show=percent]
  • Letter grade. Example: A
    [x show=grade]

If a user is logged in when the submit a quiz, you can add a User ID field the the form. With this, it’s easy to add the quiz score anywhere with:

[frm-field-value field_id=x show=percent user_id=current]

Display the quiz answer

If you want to identify which questions were correctly or incorrectly answered, you could use a conditional statement to display the quiz answers.

Show content based on Quiz score

If you would like to display a block of content based on the Quiz score, like a pass or fail message, use this shortcode:

[if x greater_than="8"]Congratulations! You passed.[/if x]
[if x less_than="7"]You failed. Take the quiz again.[/if x]

Replace x with the ID of the Quiz score field. If field x is greater than “8”, then the content between the opening and closing if statements will be displayed.

Set a custom grading scale

The default grading scale includes only letter grades (A, B, C, D, and F). To customize this scale, go to the Formidable → Global Settings → Quizzes page. Any numbers that are not covered by the scale settings will not show a letter grade when the score is displayed.
Quiz Maker Grading Scale

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