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Let Customers Rent Products From Your Store with Rental Products WooCommerce Plugin

Make products available for rental using the Rental Product extension.

Rental products can be set up using various settings including setting the start and return day thresholds, minimum and maximum date periods, and more, these settings can be applied store-wide with overrides for individual products.

Customers can select a range of rental days using a date range picker from the product page and review the total rental price. Rental information such as rent from/to and return dates are shown to the customer throughout their journey through your website including product pages, cart, checkout, order summary, account pages, and even on emails.

The extension is packed with functionality to allow you to set up and manage rental products/orders within your WooCommerce store. Rental information is extensively integrated into the admin dashboard allowing you to see scheduled rentals, rental information when viewing order and you can use rental filters for orders and products.

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Start Renting Products in Minutes

  • Setup Products as Rental Only or Rental & Purchase (product available for rental or purchase outright)
  • Works with Simple, Variable & Grouped products (New & Existing)
  • Date Range Picker including non-selectable dates (Where Booked/Out of Stock)
  • Auto Calculation of Totals for rental dates and pricing within the product page
  • Extensive WooCommerce Frontend/Backend Integration
  • Separate Rental Stock to Purchasable Stock
  • Manage Rentals with Rental Calendar – allows you to have full visibility over all your Rental Orders and/or use the normal orders screen

Various Rental Product Settings

Added store-wide with override at product level if required:

  • Start Days Threshold – Number of days before the from date selectable by the customer
  • Return Days Threshold – Number of days after the to date selected by the customer for them to return rented products
  • Minimum Days – Minimum number of days that must be selectable by the customer
  • Maximum Days – Maximum number of days that can be selectable by the customer
  • Months – Number of months for date selection to display to the customer before pagination
  • Columns – Number of columns for date selection to display to the customer before pagination
  • Inline – Allow dates to be selected without first clicking the date selection field
  • Non Day Price Display – If minimum/maximum days set to 7 display price per week, if 30 display price per month, if minimum/maximum days are equal do not display per day suffix

Rental Specific Features

  • Customers can choose a range of rental days
  • Customers select dates using a date range picker
  • No need to use separate rental products & works with any existing products
  • Specify rental prices/stock for products and variations
  • Specify thresholds on rental from/to dates
  • Easily keep track of orders containing rentals using the rental order status
  • Works with WooCommerce tax settings for inc/ex tax rental pricing
  • Filter rental orders/products in the WooCommerce dashboard
  • Manage rental items within an order including rental date reduction and canceling rental
  • Rental information displayed to the customer throughout product details, cart, checkout, account, and in emails
  • Rental only/rental also available information displayed next to pricing in the WooCommerce dashboard product list
  • Display rental price for/from per day/week/month
  • Bulk update rental prices via WooCommerce > Products dashboard
  • Bulk update variation rental prices via Product Edit > Variation Bulk Edit
  • Includes several functions for custom development
  • Documentation to help set up and configuration

Calendar View of All Rental Orders

Use the rentals page within the admin dashboard to see all past, current, and upcoming rental orders including expected return dates with various different views.

Rental Product Settings

Simply edit/add a product and select the Rental tab and choose the type of rental product, then set pricing/stock information as normal through the other tabs/within variations.

Rental Information

Rental information such as rental pricing is/from pricing is displayed throughout the website on products:

Rental Form

The rental form is shown on the product page for rental only products, for rental & purchase products the rental form/pricing information can be used by clicking a View Rental Options link, with an additional link to return to the purchase form if the customer wishes to purchase, upon selecting dates the availability is checked.

Rental Total Calculation

Rental totals are calculated automatically on date selection.

Rental Availability

Unavailable dates are disabled within the rental form based on rental stock levels and rentals scheduled.

Rental Information Throughout Customer Journey

Rental information is displayed to the customer throughout their journey around your store.

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