RKHM – Audio Streaming Platform

RKHM – Audio Streaming Platform

RKHM – Audio Streaming Platform

What is RKHM?

RKHM is an audio streaming platform that allows users to listen to music, podcasts, and other audio content from their favorite artists and creators.

Features of RKHM

  • Access to a vast library of music and podcasts
  • Customizable playlists and recommendations
  • High-quality audio streaming
  • Offline listening options
  • Personalized user profiles

How to Use RKHM

Using RKHM is simple and easy. Users can sign up for an account and start browsing the platform’s library of audio content. They can search for specific artists, genres, or podcasts, and add them to their personal playlists. RKHM also provides customized recommendations based on user preferences and listening history.

Benefits of RKHM

There are several benefits to using RKHM as your go-to audio streaming platform. It offers a diverse range of content, including music and podcasts from both established and emerging creators. The platform’s personalized recommendations help users discover new music and podcasts that align with their interests. Additionally, RKHM’s high-quality audio streaming ensures an optimal listening experience for users.


RKHM is a comprehensive audio streaming platform that caters to the diverse preferences of its users. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or a podcast aficionado, RKHM has something to offer for everyone. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, RKHM provides an enjoyable listening experience for all its users.

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RKHM is your all-in-one solution for creating websites to share, upload, sell, or recommend audio content. It can serve as a music streaming/sharing platform (like Spotify or Soundcloud), online music store (similar to iTunes), or a combination of all three. This versatile script offers limitless possibilities and can be used in many different scenarios. It’s also suitable for artist portfolios, personal music sharing centers, and any other music-related websites you can imagine! To enhance functionality further, we offer a continuously growing suite of premium plugins


Key Features

Progressive Web App

  • Works offline!: Thanks to Service-workers and Local-storage on browsers, users can download content to their device and access them while offline
  • Cheaper: More Javascript and background processing on user device means this app needs significantly lesser server resources compared to regular websites
  • Faster: PWA means separate API, more Javascript, smarter caching and background processing, which makes the app significantly faster for everyone
  • Safer: A dedicated REST API for PWA means lesser chance of SQL-injection, Session-hijacking, Brute-force and DDOS attacks compared to a regular website or even native apps
  • Installable: Major browsers allow users to ‘install’ PWA on their device, which adds your project shortcut to users’ device. They don’t have to open a browser to access your app
  • Push Notifications: You want to create FOMO which makes users addicted to your app. With PWA you can send Push notifications even if user has closed your app just like native apps
  • Cross Platform: All features are available on all devices and browsers. We offer native apps for major operating systems but do you need them when your app is already awesome?
  • Auto Updates: Unlike native apps, users don’t need to download anything to use PWA. Everything including app updates are done within app by the app! Content get downloaded as users explore
  • Smart caching: All modern browsers do have caching functionalities by default but in a PWA, caching is too important to be handled by browser. We have carefully programmed service-workers for that


  • Content widgets: These widgets are in charge of displaying a list of filtered content in different styles. For example you can display a list of all tracks by a specific artist & specific genre. Docs
  • Design widgets: These widgets are in charge of creating beautiful call-to-actions, landing-pages & messages. in general designing an app without any code knowledge Docs
  • Table layout: Display a list of chosen, filtered content as beautiful `table` widgets. You can customize columns to display whatever you find necessary
  • List layout: Display a list of chosen, filtered content as beautiful `list` widgets. You can create single or double or triple columns list
  • Slider layout: Display a list of chosen, filtered content as beautiful `slider` widgets. You can choose size & number of rows which can create totally different-looking widgets
  • Custom-designed pages: Use our advanced PageBuilder to create beautiful pages in your style or perform a simple left click to install custom-designed, ready-to-use pages to your RKHM! then edit them inside PageBuilder with ease. demo #1 demo #2
  • Import & Export pages: You can easily export pages from our demo website & import them to your own RKHM with a few clicks! Images and other assets will be transferred as well

Admin panel

  • Statistics & Logs: Everything is recorded. Every visit, action, stream and more. All these data is turned into beautiful & useful graphs to help you with your growth
  • Moderators: You can create semi-admins and give them very specific access to admin panel. For example a moderator might exists with only access to ‘Hiphop’ music and nothing else
  • Advanced CRUD: Anything, including users, music, podcasts, audiobooks can be created, edited or removed from admin panel. Every input and form has been customized to ease the process
  • Roles & access: You can create different roles for moderators, users, creators and even guests to manage what they have access to Docs
  • Multi editing: You can edit content one by one or you can select a whole bunch and edit them at once. We tried our best to help you save as much time as possible
  • Advanced UI/UX: Admin area is also a PWA. It’s fast, full of options & features to make your job or moderators job as easy and enjoyable as possible. Dark/Light mode is added as well
  • Updater: When an update is released, and there will be many, you usualy have to visit Codecanyon, download the new version and follow instruction. Well, no more. Updater can safely do that for you
  • Plugin Manager: A simple app only useful for radio streaming or a very advanced one, full of features & content. It’s up to you to choose. You can easily install/uninstall plugins with plugin-manager
  • Theme manager: The script comes with one theme included but you are not limited to that. You can order a customimzed theme or create your own and install & configure it by theme-manager
  • Menu builder: Easily create link structure for better SEO indexing or guiding users with just a few clicks
  • Language editor: English is not your users native language? Easily translate your app into your own beautiful language from admin panel. RTL languages are supported Docs


  • Artist profile: Every artist has their own profile. Users can use the page to view artist’s albums, tracks, related artists, biography, social network addresses and more
  • Album page: Every music album has a dedicated page. Users can use it to see tracks, album statistics & related works
  • Track page: Every track has a dedicated page, mostly for better seo and indexing. Users can see related content by album, artist, genre & tags in this page
  • Genres & Tags: Every artist, album & track can be linked to multiple genres & tags for better categorization
  • Artist verification: Users can submit documents & verify their identify to become verified artist. They can upload & edit their artwork and make revenue by your rules
  • Automation: You can upload your own artwork, allow other artists to use your platform or use automation feature to offer Spotify content thro your website Docs
  • Cronjobs: In case you don’t need to offer everything on Spotify to your users, you can use Cronjobs to pull very specific content from Spotify instead of everything
  • Lyrics: Every track can have multiple lyrics in multiple languages. Creators can submit the lyrics with the track
  • Automated Lyrics: Musixmatch API can be used for automated lyrics. If a track lyrics exists on Musixmatch, app can use their API to get the lyrics and display it for your users
  • Store: Sell your own artwork. Allow creators to sell their work thro your app and get some intereset. You can upload a free `demo` for premium tracks
  • Royalty fee: You can setup a royalty fee to pay the artists based on their unique stream count
  • Qualities: You can add multiple media sources for a single track. For example Youtube, high quality audio & low quality audio. Then you can offer some of them for free while charging for rest
  • Youtube support: You can add Youtube source for tracks. You can enable Youtube API to automatically find Youtube-ID for your tracks. App will use Youtube Emmbed API to display these videos
  • Soundcloud support: You can add Soundcloud source for tracks which will use Soundcloud Widget API to show & control Soundcloud based content. Soundcloud can be automated using API as well
  • Audio support: Upload audio files ( mp3 or non-mp3 which can be coverted to mp3 ) or use remote audio files, hosted somewhere else, by entering their web address
  • Video support: Upload video files ( mp4 or non-mp4 which can be coverted to mp4 ) or use remote video files, hosted somewhere else, by entering their web address
  • HLS : This feature can be used to protect your premium content by encrypting them. Only your app player will be able to decrypt and play these files Docs


  • Private store: Offer free content and/or sell your own premium content to make money
  • Community-based store: Allow users to sell their content after verification and make money by taking fee from transactions
  • Banner ads: Display static or dynamic image-based advertisement to make money
  • Audio ads: Play audio-based advertisement between plays to make money
  • Google ads: Partner-up with Google to display Google-Ads and get paid by Google itself
  • Subscription: Create subscription plans to give subscribed users free access to chosen premium content, to hide advertisement or offer special features
  • Royalty fee: Pay your content creators based on their stream count just like Youtube
  • Different qualities: Offer low-quality medias for free while charging for higher quality medias
  • Online gateways: Offer automated online gateways to users for easier transactions. Paypal and Stripe already included


  • Roles & access: Micro-manage users / guests / moderators / creators access, features and interest with just clicks Docs
  • Private library: Users can keep content ( music, playlist, podcast, etc ) in their private library by liking, subscribing or playlisting them
  • User profiles: Users have a public page which allows other users to follow them or browse their public playlists
  • Creator verification: You can allow regular users to identify themself by verification and become content creator on your app Docs
  • Playlists: Stream history, likes and subscriptions might not be enough to save one’s favorite content. Let there be playlist
  • Subscriptions: Users can subscribe to their favorite creators to keep them in their library and stay updated about their work
  • Likes: Users can like static content to keep them in their own private library
  • Notifications: Allow your users to stay connected by sending them related Push notifications
  • Social Login: Allow your user base to grow more rapidly by enabling social login. No more email verification or entering passwords


  • Storage: You can put your website & files on the same server or you can create unlimited FTP, AWS or DigitalOcean `storage` and put some or all or specific files there Docs
  • Browse pages: Users can use search or widgets created by Page-builder to browse your content. If that is not enough, you can enable “browse pages” to let users filter and browse your content Demo
  • Image resizing: If enabled, all uploaded images will be resized into smaller versions and those smaller versions will be used for mobile devices and certain positions to save traffic on your server & for users
  • MP3 tags: During upload, app will read ID3 tags and use them to ease editing for content creators. Also, related data to a content will be written as ID3 tags into MP3 files
  • Media reformat: In previous version, app only supported MP3 files. In this version, with FFmpeg enabled, you can litreally upload any kind of audio and app will take care of it
  • Currency setting: You can change and customize the app’s currency setting. Your app can multiple currencies. You can enter exchange rate yourself or enable APIs to retrieve them automatically
  • SEO friendly: There is no denying that SEO can play a huge role in your success or failure. Everything SEO-related has been very carefuly programmed in best possible way
  • Chunk Upload: App can slice user-selected-files into smaller parts and upload them chunk by chunk for better upload experience

Ready to help

No matter if you are a supported client, a customer whose support has expired or a stranger seeking answers, feel free to use to ask your questions. We will be more than happy to guide and assist you.


Available at /documentation

Change log

Available at /changelog

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