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Change Log v 8.0 b 140 - Manual Update

- Update: PHP 8.1+ support added
- Update: Laravel Latest Version Updated to 9.38.0  Stable
- Update: Feature Enhancements 
- Update: Message Improved
- Update: Calendar Improved
- Update: Invoice Improved
- Update: Products Improved
- Update: Customer Improved
- Update: Security Updated
- Update: Search Improved
- Update Merged build 118 to 127


Superior Business Solution – Elegant Design & Features Powered By Laravel LTS


It is a Laravel Version of Geo POS with many extra features

Rose Business Suite is a premium and feature rich billing application . The application is developed over Laravel framework. It has all essential features required by a small business or an enterprise level business .
Standard Invoicing, Subscription, Easy POS with Mobile Support, Quotations, Credit Notes. Stock Purchase Manager, Inventory Management & Transfer, Client and Supplier management, Tasks & Project Management, Accounts with Custom Types and Dual Entry, Vast Data & Reports, CRON JOBS, Employee Management with custom user roles. It has options for all types of tax, like Exclusive, Inclusive and GST.

Detailed Documentation and Installation. How to use videos included. Application is developed with Laravel , you can scale with large size of database.

30 Languages are available, check the bottom of the page..

  • Tax – Inclusive, Exclusive & GST
  • Multiple Products Units with Group Units like Boxes
  • Subscriptions Module

Mobile Supported Point of Sale

  • Elegant Point Of Sale
  • Support for Multiple Payments
  • 3 POS Screens Style
  • Dedicated POS Style and Settings for each employee
  • POS Registers Log
  • QR Code Due Invoices

Subscriptions/Recurring Invoice Module

  • Subscription Management Module for recurring invoices
  • Support for Online Card Payment
  • Preforma Invoice
  • Integrated Stock Manager
  • Get online payment with unique invoice link
  • Decent Invoice A4 & Compact POS Printing


  • Send Quotes with proposal as Email
  • Convert quotes to invoices
  • Customer can approve quote

Stock Purchase Orders

  • Send Purchase receipt with your stock requirement to supplier
  • Integrated to Inventory Manager

Stock Management

  • Improved & Intelligent Product Variations System
  • Track Stock Worth with category ,warehouse
  • Add Product Serials
  • Manage products with live stock status
  • Get Email Alerts of low stock items

Client Management

  • Manage Customer and Contacts
  • Customer Wallet
  • Customer Reports

Stock Suppliers

  • Manage Stock Purchase orders
  • Payment records
  • Suppliers Reports

Accounts & Transactions

  • Custom Type Company Accounts
  • Organised Balance Sheet
  • Optional Dual Entry System
  • Custom Transactions and Transaction Categories


  • Custom tax,discount and grouped units per products
  • Delivery Note


  • Custom Roles & 70+ Permissions
  • Salary management with Payroll
  • Attendance with Self Attendance or Manual

Project & Task Manager

  • Easy to use project manager linked with calender and Task Manager module
  • Employee can assign direct tasks to other employees and link to calender


  • Twilio, TextLocal, Clockwork, msg91, BulkSMS Gateway ( and Custom SMS Service Integration
  • Google reCaptcha (Optional) to enhance security
  • Short invoice URL in SMS ( )
  • Notes
  • Automated Cron Jobs
  • Preloaded Payments Gateways
  • TAX Statements
  • Editable Email & SMS Templates

Ready to use Payment Gateways

  • Stripe
  • PayPal


  • Are future updates free?

    Yes! Future updates are completely free and we publish a lot of updates, based on your features suggestions.

  • Is it one time payment?

    Yes! You need to pay one time only.

  • GDPR compliant?

    If you have any question about General Data Protection Regulation GDPR, contact us.

Nice Printable Invoices – template included

The application offers a well organized pretty invoice template to print, you can edit the template file in code to make minor adjustments.

Demo Details

Login section for employees


Business Owner/Admin


Password: 123456

(You create custom roles with 72 custom permissions)

Login section for customer

URL : /crm


Password: 123456


You can Watch cPanel Installation Video while Detailed XAMPP and Linux Installtion guide is included with application

No Programming Knowledge Required to install and use built with Laravel. Flexible and easy for modifications.
This application has general server requirement, It can run on average powered systems including shared Cpanel hostings but for optimal performance and usages dedicated server is suggested. It requires only PHP 7.2 or later with MySQL, which is very common in the current market.

Supported Thermal & Network Printers. You can use the browser-based printer option as well.

Available languages are: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese-simplified, Czech, Dutch, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Khmer, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Urdu. Application is translated in the above languages and files included.

As translation is the subject of improvement so you may find some inappropriate words in translation. It will be great if you help us to improve the translation. You can contribute the language files improvements, proper credits will be given in the application documentation. You can translate it to your language if your language is not listed above.

RTL (Right to Left) support is available ..

Ready to use Payment Gateways are: Stripe, PayPal , in future updates more will be added
You can order customization for other payment gateways like Payfort etc.

Change Log ( bXX here b is build number)

--- Changelog ---

Change Log v 7.1 b 106 - Auto Update
 Update: Currency Exchange improved 
 Update: PDF multi-language issue, with some languages fixed 
 Update: Image dimensions restriction applied, it will prevent unnecessary higher dimension uploads 
 Update: Minor app  and search improvements 
Change Log v 7.1 b 105 - Auto Update
Change Log v 7.1 b 104 - Auto Update
Change Log v 7.0 b 103 - Auto Update
Change Log v 7.0 b 102 - Auto Update
Change Log v 7.0 b 101 - Auto Update
Change Log v 7.0 b 100 - Only Manual Update
- Update: Version Jumped to 7.0 sync Geo POS Features
- Added: Two New Invoice Print Formats Added & Invoice Template Improved (Admin Settings > VISUAL SETTINGS)
- Added: Application Activity Log Added  (Admin Settings > ADVANCED SETTINGS)
- Added: Send WhatsApp Invoice Button Added (Invoices List > View Invoice)
- Added: Send WhatsApp Quote Button Added & Quotes Improved
- Added: Send WhatsApp Purchase Order Button Added & PO Improved
- Added: Dashboard Income Vs Expense Chart Improved
- Added: Dashboard Summary Improved Added New Boxes
- Added: Goals Module Added  (Admin Settings > GENERAL PREFERENCE)
- Added: Income & Expenses multiple transaction Categories (Admin Settings > PAYMENT & ACCOUNT SETTINGS)
- Added: Accounts & Transaction Reports Improved (Data & Reports > Statements)
- Added: Transaction Reports with category Added (Data & Reports > Finance Account Statement)
- Added: Profit  Module & Profit Reports Added (Data & Reports > Finance Account Statement)
- Added: Security & App Settings Added (Admin Settings > MISCELLANEOUS SETTINGS)
- Added: Google Recaptcha UI (Admin Settings > MISCELLANEOUS SETTINGS > Security & App Settings)
- Added: Application Fixed URl option (Admin Settings > MISCELLANEOUS SETTINGS > Security & App Settings)
- Added: POS UI Improved (Style 2 Images and name added)
- Added: Low Stock Alert UI Improved
- Added: Customer Self Register Feature Added (Admin Settings > CRM & HRM SETTINGS)
- Update: Laravel Passport Api Instruction Added (Admin Settings > ADVANCED SETTINGS)
- Update: Credit Notes Improved
- Update: Products Improved
- Update: CRM Improved,
- Update: Suppliers Improved
- Update: Projects Improved & Projects Linked in Customer Profile
- Update: Major Database Update
- Update: Env File Updated
- Update: Framework Updated to  Laravel 8.62.0
- Update: Security Updated
- Update: Application Routes Updated

Change Log v 4.2 b 90 - Auto & Manual Update
- Update Merged build 86 to 89
- Added: POS Shortcuts Added
- Added: Expired Products Alert Filter Cron
- Update: Accounts Table UI
- Update: Projects Module Updated
- Update: Task Module Updated
- Update: Stripe Page  Improved
- Update : Edit Invoice Improved
- Update : Products Module Improved
- Update : Image Link Issue on some servers corrected
- Update: Product Label Search
- Update: Security Updated
- Update: Stability Improved
- Update: Application Routes Updated

Change Log v 4.1 b 86 - Auto or Manual Update
- Update Merged build 78 to 85 
- Update: User-Based Language Selection  Improved
- Update: Forget Password Section Improved
- Update: Product Search by Code And BarCode Added
- Update: Invoice Payment Reversal  Improved
- Update: Supplier Search by Company added &  Improved
- Update: User Role Permission Translation
- Update : GeneralException Added
- Update: M/D/Y format issue  fixed for specific dates
- Update: Security Updated
- Update: Application Routes Updated

Change Log v 3.4 b 74 - Yearly Mega Update 27 Apr 2021

- New Feature: Vertical Menu Added
- New Feature: Database Backup Button Added
- New Feature: Plugin Functionality Added (Multi Company hook added - not included in standard release)
- Update: POS Pay + Print Added
- Update: POS Register HTML Reporting Added
- Update: POS Sound Added
- Update: Dashboard Chart Improved
- Update: Products Improved
- Update: Cron JOB Alerts Improved
- Update: Supplier Section Improved
- Update: Customer Section Improved - Email and Phone are optional
- Update: Update Wizard Improved
- Update: Account Balance New Field Added
- Update: Purchase Order Improved
- Update: Chart Reports Improved
- Update: Statements Export Improved
- Update: Invoice A4 & Compact Print Improved
- Update: Security Updated
- Update: Application Routes Updated
Change Log v 3.2 b 67  on 2021-03-11
- Automatic Web Update-
- New Feature: Error Reporting Improved
- New Feature:  Language Selection will be saved as per employee (if not saved)
- New Feature:  Duplicate Invoice number restricted
- New Feature:  PDF Font Change Added 
- Update: Accounts List & Export Improved
- Update: .Build 62 to 66 Merged
- Update:  Security Updated
- Update:  Password Change Label Improved
- Update:  Application Routes Updated
Build 65
- New Feature: New Filter Added for Expenses Category

Change Log v 3.0 b 63  
- New Feature: Optional Employee Selection Added for Invoice
- New Feature: GST Summary Reports Added
- New Feature: Product Import Image URL Added
- Update: GST Invoice Print Improved
- Build  61 62 Merged

--- New Update Published
- Major Update - Only Manual Update 
- Framework Updated to  Laravel 8.0
- Paypal Gateway Updated (As per latest norms)
- Shared Hosting Installation Improved
- Security Improved
- Minor Tweaks

 build 49

Change Log v 2.2 b 49
1. New order field added in invoices with search
2.  Sales channel module added in invoices
3. Purchase order sales channel  added
4. Purchase order section improved
5. Sales channel Reporting added 

--- New Update Published --- build 43
Change Log v 2.2 b 43
- New Invoice Status Added
- User Can select default in Invoice Status in Billing Settings
- New Cron Option Added for Invoice Status
- Tax off product list issue fixed
- Security update
Change Log v 2.1
- Merged Build from 21 to 34
- Custom Field For Business Added
- Product Description  html support added
- Custom Fields Improved
- UserRole Section Improved
- Print Invoice Template Improved
- Labels can now printed without barcode
- Dev Panel Added to Enable Dev Mode & Sym Links (
- HTML Editor added for product description
- Print Label Improved
Change Log v 2.0 build 23
- Merged Build from 2 to 21
- Customer group improved
- Terms Update Issues Fixed
- HTML Editor added for product description
- Print Label Improved
- Email Alert to Admin for Subscription added
--Change Log v 1.0 Build 1
- Initial Release
[ Full change-log and a well written 1. documentation, 2. help_support_guide, 3. language_translation_guide, 4. update_guide attached with this software ]

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