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Scriptio - Scripts Selling Platform

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Scriptio is an online text scripts sharing and selling platform. With

the fast, user friendly, secure latest web technologies your income is
guaranteed. There are many simple ways to earn money by displaying ads
next to your online scripts or by selling them.

Demo Details
Username – [email protected]
Password – adminadmin
URL – /admin/login
Username – [email protected]
Password – clientclient

Key Features

  • view sales statictics on dashboard.
  • Add, edit, view scripts.
  • Add, edit, view script categories.
  • Set free or premium scripts.
  • Confirm, decline and update orders status.
  • Add, edit, view custom pages.
  • Add, edit, view, send newsletters.
  • Publish ads from ad networks like Google AdSense, Amazon, AdRoll, Adsterra, Dianomi, Epom Ad Server, GroundTruth, Infolinks,, Bidvertiser among others.
  • Publish and unpublish reviews.
  • Accept order payments.
  • Add, edit, view users.
  • View customers.
  • View subscribers.
  • Receive and repond to support tickets.
  • Add, edit, view FAQ (Frequently asked questions).
  • Add, edit, view blog posts and categories.
  • Easily switch between date and time formats within the system.
  • Front settings – Set how to process free scripts, change homepage background, change homepage title and sub title, quick footer infos. Show / hide footer payment icons
  • Google analytics settings – Keep track of all statistics from one place using Google Analytics.
  • Ad settings – Set Display ads after Top selling items, Featured items, New arrivals, Top rated items, Everyday deals items
  • Add, edit, view offline payment options like Cash on Delivery, Bank, etc.
  • Support for multiple currencies, Over 135 currencies based on payment gateway.
  • Accept customers make payments of orders online through PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout, PesaPal PayTM, PayU Money, mPesa gateways.
  • Integrated cron jobs settings to create notifications, send email reminders and keep every item upto date.
  • Email template builder – Integrated customisable and user friendly email templates.
  • Font Settings – Define the font face using google fonts.
  • Google analytics settings – Setup Google analytics for all your site’s statistics.
  • Log every activity done.
  • Automated backup, that is, never lose any data again!
  • This CRM is fully responsive, that is, You can easily access your data from any device regardless of its size.
  • And many more features.

What’s new?

v1.2 (17/10/2022)

1. Added option to show/hide homepage total and monthly views stats.
2. Added item views count.
3. Added option to show/hide item views count.
4. Removed wishlists and replace it with likes.
5. Added option to show/hide item likes count.
6. Added fancy spinner and flash alert for item likes.
7. General bug fixes.

v1.1 (13/10/2022)

1. Added total and monthly views count.
2. Fixed view orders in admin dashboard.
3. Fixed Paypal standard payment gateway

v1.0 (11/10/2022)

1. First release.

PHP Version 7.3+
MySQL Version 5.x+ (Recommended 7.x)
MySQLi PHP Extension Enabled
PDO PHP Extension Enabled
Zip PHP Extension Enabled
cURL PHP Extension Enabled
config.php writable Writable
Media Folder writable Writable
Uploads Folder writable Writable

  1. Upload the files to your hosting folder and navigate to your base URL [http://]
  2. Make sure all the system requirements are met in order to proceed with installation.
  3. Populate the fields according to your database and Click “Install & Proceed to Company Profile”.
  4. If any errors found while connecting you will be notified otherwise you will proceed to complete your profile
  5. Fill all the required details and then “Save & Proceed to your Profile”
  6. The currency you select will be the base currency. It is important to be sure about your choice. Default currency can be changed later but will affect the values of your items, which means you will need to update the items value. too
  7. Fill out every field and “Complete Installation”.
  8. Congratulations. Now delete the folder
  9. After successful installation you need to:
    Login using the your email and password used during installation
  10. That’s it.
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