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Track Product Searches and Add Content, Boost Products, and Redirect based on Search Terms with Search Merchandising WooCommerce Plugin.

Every day customers search your website to find products. Wouldn’t it be great to know which terms they use, the number of searches they conduct, the search results they receive, and more?

That way you can show content, boost specific products, or even redirect those search terms to help your customers find what they’re looking for more efficiently. Search Merchandising does all this, giving you full visibility over searches on your WooCommerce website.


  • Track search terms including search terms, total searches, and average results.
  • Track products that have been clicked from specific search terms.
  • Filter terms/products by date range and by search terms.
  • Add/manage search content to be displayed for specific search terms.
  • Select specific products to boost search results for specific terms.
  • Redirect specific search terms to other pages.
  • Insights report highlighting all key terms, products, content, boost, and redirect data.
  • Disable tracking for specific user roles. (For example, disable tracking for searches by shop managers.)

Full Search Term Visibility

The terms tab lists the terms that website visitors have used to search for products on your website.

Within the terms tab you can view:

  • Term searched.
  • A number of searches.
  • Average results.
  • Products clicked from term search.

You can choose the following options on specific terms:

  • Content before/after search results. (See details below.)
  • Boosts. (Select specific products to appear higher in search results.)
  • Redirect. (Redirect a specific search term to another URL.)

You’ll use the WordPress block editor to create any content you wish and use any blocks available within your WordPress installation. Once you’ve created your content, you can save it. When you return to the dashboard, you can then assign it to appear as before and after content from the content fields under the content column in the terms tab.

View Products Clicked from Search

The products tab lists all the products that users have clicked on while searching for products on your website.

Within the products tab you can see:

  • Product clicked.
  • A number of clicks.
  • Search terms used to lead to product click.

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