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SimpleAuth is a simple and secure multi-user PHP login system. No database required. No php knowledge needed to implement this login system.

You can secure all kind of pages : customer area, administration interface, member page or any private page.

Free email support if you have any question : Use the contact form


  • Multilingual version (English, French, German, Spanish, Finnish and Dutch) (NEW)
  • No database required
  • Compatible with PHP4, PHP5, PHP7 and PHP8
  • Single or Multi-user system
  • Access controls by user groups (NEW)
  • Secure (Designed by a Zend Certified Engineer)
  • Only 1 file to work with (no image or css additional files)
  • Very EASY to implement : Paste a single line of code in each page
  • Additional themes (with 5 new “flat” themes included) (NEW)
  • Auto-detection of common installation mistakes
  • No redirection to a login page
  • Login form is fully customizable with CSS and HTML5 (W3C valid)
  • Ability to store additional user information like email, phone and custom data
  • Dynamic Session id to prevent “Man in the middle attack”
  • Ideal for graphic designers, not developers or people who are unfamiliar with security

Example usage

You have to start each page to be secured by this single line of code :

<?php ${(require_once('SimpleAuth.php'))}->protectme(); ?>


Want a feature? Submit your ideas to the SimpleAuth Whishlist !

Testimonials from our users

After trying another 4 login systems, this was the only one which installed without issue. Easy to install, easy to customise & perfect for simple login requirements.

If you’re seeking to password protect a whole website or a single file, this will do the job perfectly.

The level of customer service that you provide is beyond anything that I’ve previously experienced on Codecanyon. It makes me feel that I’ve got a lot more than my money’s worth. It’s a five star service.

Great support. Rated 5 Stars, would have given more

Great login system works great!

Excellent support. I’ve rated 5, would like to give you more!!

New HTML5 Flat Design theme



Version 4.2.1 (05/12/2019)

 - fix title typo

Version 4.2 (13/12/2016)

 - Dutch support (Thanks to Sjoukens)

Version 4.1 (28/06/2013)

 - Patch a Warning problem to load non-flat theme

Version 4.0 (28/05/2013)

 - Additional theme support (the new "Flat" theme is included)
 - Finnish support (Thanks to Tero Talvio)
 - Ability to store additional user information like email, phone and custom data
 - The basic theme uses now HTML5
 - The login page is W3C valid
 - The new flat theme included with 5 colors (grey, blue, green, purple, yellow)

Version 3.1 (25/10/2011)

 - Change the default redirection location

Version 3.0 (13/10/2011)

 - Spanish support
 - Access controls by user groups
 - Choose the logout page (home page, login form, other website, ...)
 - Options can be set with a default value (for all pages)
 - Spelling correction
 - Documentation updated and more samples
 - Demonstration Mode (Login and password are display)

Version 2.0 (28/04/2011)

  - Choose a language
  - 3 translations (English, French, German)
  - Enable / Disable changing language
  - Improved compatibility Ie6
  - Setting a list of authorized users on a page
  - Image compression illustration
  - protectme returns an instance of SimpleAuth
  - Automatic check commons installations problems
  - UTF-8 for international
  - Load images as HTTP resource

Version 1.1 (16/04/2011)

  - Spelling correction

Version 1.0 (11/04/2011)

  - Initial version

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